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I have brittle asthma and am under the brompton. Before i went on s/c bricanyl my docs at the brompton started me on iv immunoglobulin once a month as i had irregularites with my immune system. Yesterday i went to GOSH (im 15) and they will re check my blood but the idea of going on s/c immuno came up as well as bricanyl. Immuno would only be once a week though does any one else have/had this before? I already have scarring on my arma legs and stomach due to s/c.

Any help would be much appericiated.

May xxxxxx

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I think I may have posted this before, but try the Primary Immunodeficiency Association messageboard:

You will find that most people on there are receiving immunoglobulin, either intravenously (which I know you've tried) or s/c.

They should be able to answer most of your questions.

Hope that helps.



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