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Reaction to cold?

My asthma has been completely benign with no attacks over 18 years (becotide 2x a day through this period). However, following a cold and chest infection in Feb/March, I'm now saddled with intermittant symptoms. My doctor got my symptoms under control by adding salmeterol to my meds, but I seem to have hit a plateau - mainly coughing in response to cold air, cold food & exercise (sometimes just fast walking or stairs).

I try to get more information from my doctor, but ""take ventolin before exercise"" is about it (not blaming him really, there's only so much they can fit in to a 5min appt!).

Does anyone know what should I do to get myself back to normal - I'm acheiving peak flow of circa 600, but it all goes to pot if I have an ice cream or run up the stairs!

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Sounds to me like you need to have a proper review with the asthma nurse to discuss your symptoms in more detail and to try and nip this in the bud. Best Wishes.


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