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worsening asthma

hi, not looking for medical advice,after having well controlled asthma all my life it suddenly worsened in the summer,due i think to a very stressful time,since then i have had a few weks in sept when i felt normal,then another flare up which took 3 weeks on pred,an admission and a home nebuliser ,then a gradual slow down of the pred,just feeling half normal,enough to clean the house,drive etc,and it flared up again,pred up to 8 a day and 4x a day 5ml nebs,during this time had singulair which worsened asthma as well as palpitations ,atrovent,dizziness,palpitations,now on pred,nebs and seretide 500,no side affects,my peak flow is 450,and has gone to 300 for a few days only when i was admitted,i saw cosultant today and had x ray ,which was fine and blood test to see if xoilair would be suitable,also on xannax which has releived the scary tightness,just wondering if all this could be down to stress,just wondered if anyone had siilar experience of peak flow high but breathing so bad,and of stress causing bad asthma.thanks to those who replied to me before,great site ,its good to see other peoples experiences,thanks,fran

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Hiya Iona!!!! I have been told Many times that my Severe Asthma is brought on by Stress...{i do get rater wound up}esp in work which doesnt help me in the slighest...No treatment works

I was refered to see a Asthma Physiotherapist and its all about deep Breathing.....and talking about what may be stressing you out..

Its 1 of the BEST tthings that was reccomended 2 me..i was given a Relaxion CD annd does help its not a 1 x will have 2 go every few months but totally reccomended.

Ask yr Docter 2 refer you to ASTHMA PHYSIOTHERAPIST....ASAP


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