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Hi,I am wondering if anyone has any advise,I have been having asthma trouble since last july,a chest infection and asthma flared up,the pred took a long time to work and I was very low for several weeks,but got back to normal for about 6 weeks till another chest infection in october ,again the pred took a long time to work,I was admitted to hospital ,had lots of tests,was taken off singulair as the consultant thought it had made the breathing worse and I felt very ill with side affects,and was prescribed a home neb,500 seretide and a 10mg maintenance pred ,again improved for a few weeks then went downhill again ,got very low over the xmas period,exhausted and feeling ill and again back up to 40 mg pred,started to think that the exhausted and ill feeling was down to stress,since then I have been on pred,15mg a day,to reduce by 5mg a week,which I havent managed to do,each time I start to improve another chest infection hits.I was feeling better and was getting out more and had a stressful day ,the next thing it flared up again ,so I am fairely sure that stress is the major cause for me,had a bronchoscopy in jan which didnt show ""anything to worry about"",I am having accupuncture and doing lots of meditating and deep breathing to tackle the stress,even though I am on the 15mg pred and using the neb I have tightness and shortness of breath often,am still not having my normal life,and am just getting by really,my next appt is in may,I am getting really worried about being on the pred for so long,and also the home neb,its 2.5 mg salbutamol,also on seretide 500 twice a day,was looking at the thread about peoples daily life,and many people are on lots of medication and still manage to get to work and lead a normal life,and I am wondering if I should be on different meds,my peak flow is usually 450,400 on a bad day,went down to 350 when at its I dont know whether to try and get seen quicker,or try and stick it out and hope to reduce before appointment , had the allergy test for xiolair but the consultant didnt think it was high enough ,150, ,can you get dependant on the nebs,also if I get tired my chest tightens and I get icy cold patchs ,which I havent read anything about anywhere,sorry this is so long,any input greatly appreciated,thankyou,Fran,

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Hey, reading your post i think you are on similar to me. Are you on 2.5mg salbutomol nebs and Seretide 500? Are you on anything else at the moment?

It sounds like your asthma is controlled is that correct? I find my peak flows best is 450 my lowest it goes in a middle attack is 300, if it goes any lower it is a very severe attack and i need hospital fast.

I personally start steriods if my peak flow is 300 but that my personal asthma plan.

I understand how frustrating it is to get control. Do you feel controlled?

You are welcome to pm me if you would like.



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