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hi,i'm trying to find out what i can about xolair before i go back to the consultant in 2 weeks,xolair was being considered,the allergy level was 130,i'm currently on seretide 500,home nebs and pred,each bad patch seems to take longer to get through,also on anti depressants because of so much tension adding to asthma,and suspect menopause looming not helping,although the pred side affects say may cause hormonal upsets,has anyone anything similar?all this started out of the blue 5 months ago,thanks ,fran

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bumped up xolar from other posts for you x


Hi Lona

There are lots of threads about Xolair on here and also about hormones affecting asthma, if you do a search in the little box on the left hand side then you should find some useful stuff.

I found out yesterday after a 10 month slog I have finally been approved for Xolair by my PCT, I think it's usually easier for people to get the funding depending on where they live. My allergy specialist is in a different PCT and I could have started the treatment weeks ago if I lived in Leeds but we had to apply to York PCT for a 4th time and they have finally accepted it and I'm due to start in a couple of weeks! My consultant is amazing and has fought hard to get it for me!

Good luck!



I have been on Xolair for a year now, and it has been very successful for me. At my recent annual review my consultant has decided to continue it. I have answered several posts on Xolair before, but if you have any specific questions feel free to PM me, or ask on here, and I will try my best to answer it.

I hope that it works for you.



ps Luce - am very excited for you :D. I really hope that it works


Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck with it hun! Hope its works for you :) I had funding sorted for me to have it but was told by the Drs and Drugs reps that I was ""too ill for it"" and that my eosinophyl (duno how to spell it lol) count was over 2500 when apparently the scale goes to 600 :( anyhow I couldn't have it but like I said GOOD LUCK!!!!!


thanks for replys,consultant says that allergy levels not high enough so not having xolair,bronchoscopy next week will hopefully give some pointers about what to do next,not looking forward to that!Thanks,Fran


Sorry to hear ur unsuitAble for drug when next appoinment ask for repeat blood testing ur count may go up. I got told also due to low count of 17 I'm unsuitable for the medicine. Told I have a servere allergy to dust mite which the injection would stop so they keep repeating the bloods hoping levels will go up. Told if IGa goes over 50 they will do injections.


am same was hoping would be suitable but allergy levels not high enough but am very allergic to house dust mite so reg just said to keep evberything clean and dust free. doh what do drs think we do sit in a house 6inchs in dust or are we supposed to clean with masks on or dust in 1 room whilst standing in another.


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