Who has else has been unlikey like me to have started hayfever symptoms all ready?

I started to my hayfever symptoms all ready or i am allergic to chilli. My boyfriend and I had chinese last nite with chilli in it, my symptoms startes straight after that could it be an allergic reaction to chilli or hayfever. I have a runny nose, tingling in my face and head, lucky enough my asthma is ok at the mo.

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  • hi nicky

    if it started straight after eating chilli it does sound like your sensitive to it but my dad has started on hayfever tablets last week and i keep sneezing but not much so i have't started yet as it doesn't seem bad enough but this is late for me, normally i need to start on the tablets about feb/march time.


  • my hayfever symptoms are starting alrady aaaaaagggggggh im in for a long summer i think

  • Killer Daffodils

    Yep, my hay fever is beginning already too. I put it down to the killer daffodil pollen flying around in the air. Have had this seconded by my Cons today and have been told to start anti histamine now. At least I am not imagining the symptoms, eyes are itchy and nose is streaming already. It has also been very blustery recently too.

  • Have had hayfever symptoms for a week at least - tree pollens.

    Had a megga sneezing attack while driving home from work today - not easy with windy country roads!

    I like daffodils! Well the ones in my garden!


  • Hi Nicky,

    You could be allergic to chilli. I always sneeze if I've eaten anything containing chilli, especially if not cooked thoroughly? Could happen in stir fries, and those sizzling kind of dishes you get with that sort of food.

    As of last week I've started taking antihistamines before I do any exercise. They seem to be really help block the urticaria type rash I used to get when exercising, especially outside. I'm affected by the tree pollens but not daffodils I hope.

    I love daffodils too especially the little narcissi ones. Got loads in the garden, fluttering and dancing away in that blustery wind!


  • Hi Nicky

    I've been in denial for the last week about my hayfever starting, but it definately has - not too bad yet - mostly my eyes, but asthma getting worse too. Have been advised to start on the antihistamines. It sounds like you could have a reaction to chilli though if it started straight after

    Take care

  • Funnily enough I thought I was getting a cold at the beginning of the week as sneezing and chest not happy...then realised this weekend must be hayfever season! Fun! Started the antihistamines so hopefully will settle soon. Even managing to wheeze at the moment (I don't normally!!).

    Hugs and daffs!


  • Yuk! Yep! Hay Fever symptoms are back with me too!

    I also love daffs but I'm afraid they don't like me! Pollen-heavy flowers,my wife reckons?

    Mia, loved the bit of a la Wordsworth -

    ""fluttering & dancing in the.........BLUSTERY WIND?"".....very good!

    Bit TOO ""breezy"" generally atm?!?

    Never mind,I keep on wandering lonely as a cloud, but try not to float too high !

    Hugs to all



  • <<< brings box of balsum enriched tissues....

    I think I gonna be joining you in the very wet place of denial cal :o/

    not too bad at the moment tho, typical bouts of sneezing, especially before rain or whilst it is raining, getting the odd itchy eye too but i don't think it's bad enough of the pills to come out just yet lol


  • CD, lol!

    I’m always floating above the cloads! Higher and, ‘continuous as the stars that shine…..’

    Poor old Wordsworth and his much maligned daffodils!



  • Just been for a walk 2 the shop and my nose was a permenant drip the whole time......embarrassing!

    I knew I forgot something.....never took my Piriton this morning!

  • Since Sean was discharged on thursday night I thought he had a cold coming on fri/sat. I realised on sunday that the itchy eyes and constant sniffing was the dreaded hayfever season again! Sean has only suffered hayfever for the last couple years but I guess I should have expected it at somepiont as his chest so unpredicatable. Well last year I left it too late to start antihistamines and he had anhospital admission before I realised it was hayfever season so have now added Neoclarityn to his ever growing list of meds!

    Julie xx

  • I have. So now not only am I coughing most of the day but have also started periodic sneezing. Great!

  • I bought the wrong Piriton last week - I got the DROWSY one.

    Could barely stay awake!

  • I started my hay fever symptoms at the end of March - when it got windy! every year I feel tired for a week or 2 and then realise that it's my hay fever starting. Made sure I started my medication early as I was going to portugal for a week - glad I did as noticed some of the pollen there. Now have nasty cold which isn't helped by the hay fever too!

  • Hi Nicky

    I started getting hayfever couple of weeks ago.

    So going to the North Pole to get away from the pollen. Car fumes are not much fun either at the moment.

    I think my ashtma is raising its ugly head again :(

  • I have too - started about two weeks ago I think. Have the runny nose and the sneezes every now and again. Also have started night time coughing / choking but am not sure if this is allergy related or that the effects of Singulair are wearing off after a few years of use.

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