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Frustrated and sick

seems the flu jab only puts off the inevitable. This saturday the flu hit me like a tonne of bricks. normally i'd be ok with this, but since then my chest feels like it will explode, coughing up gunk like no tomorrow. went to cons appointment, wheezed my way through a spiriotomy and allergy test, only to be told that my chest was clear and that i should try taking the seretide down. been doing so but the pf is sitting stubbonly at 280l/min when before i could have got up to 320l/min, not much more but its enough to feel a bit frustrated. been discharged now so i dont need to go back there, but thinking of bugging the gp as my elephant seems to like my body heat lol!

sorry to grumble, but sitting at college with my lappy, niether of us enjoying the cold :p, feeling like this is not particularly fun. Hope everyone else who has been caught up in the flurry of colds and flu are ok. maybe we can have a snow day 2morrow!


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oh and a bit of advice, if you are sneezing like crazy, wipe it off. it took me ages to clean my lappy off after saturday!


Think you may be in luck, it has forcast snow over the next couple of days. Have conjured up a virtual mouse to frighten your elephant away. Hope you feel better very soon.

(Only mad part of the time, the rest of the time just plain crazy!)



Hey Wendy, I'm really surprised that the consultant told you to reduce your seretide if your peak flow is that low and you are feeling really bad your dose shoudl be increased! when I had a nasty chest infection in nov/dec my dose was increased to 500/50 of seretide and they put me on pred. I think if you continue to feel bad you should get a second opinion cause my old consultant discharged me and the next week I came down with a chest infection! by the way were the results of your allergy tests?


Allergy tests were all negative. Did seem a little lackluster more i think about it really. Esp considering all the symptoms i was presenting. Go bug the GP at any earlist opportunity. took one look at my Spiro which was really down from last time and said, ahh all normal, must have had a bad doc.

wasnt that snow something eh? Redditch got 4 inches and it looked stunning. Took my digi cam with me and will upload the photos i took on Bfs photobucket account


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