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callapsed almost broke my nose , nose bleeds vomiting, Dr gave me a peak flow chart, come back 3 wks

In January i had a virus, which the turned in a lung infection, and then i was told it was bronchitis this is after receiving three lots of antibiotics and a blue inhaler Every day i vomited my nose bleeds and have bust blood vessels on my eye lids this the coughing, bad wheezing, and my muscle in my chest hurt i just cant breath.

Now when i cough i go light headed and in slow motion but i can pull it back, but last night it started i went blue the inhaler did work, went light headed and hit the deck landing on my nose blood everywhere, but i could breath for a bit then it started again.

I was taken to hospital and giving inablizer and med, and test for 5 hours, with the hospital dr instruction was to see my own gp today, and ask to see a respiratory consultant, I did and he looked at my nose and gave me a peak flow meter and chart and told me to come back in three weeks.

Should i go private

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Are you feeling any better now after meds? Cos infections can trigger other things. The doctors will give you antibiotics, steroids etc,etc depending on what they find. Consult them early i say.



I wouldnt consider going private yet. Have you been to see your Gp? Are you asthmatic or have you become wheezy etc as a result of the chest infection? Have you had any sputum sent to the labs? if you're not on the correct antibiotics then it will not clear up. Hope you're feeling a bit better


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