strange breathing - a bit confused

I understand that I've said on previous posts I don't wheeze - but I'm in a bit of a strange situation here.

occasionally, out of the blue, when I breathe in my chest feels like its vibrating and it sounds wheezy. it doesn't last long but when its does its a weird feeling. usually after the weird 'wheezing' it triggers coughing for about 5 minutes afterwards. I know usually, wheezing is on breathing out, instead of in. it woke me up this morning and my peak flow is down by around 15% after using my inhalers. I have a bit of tightness around my lower chest and back which won't fully ease up but its nothing over the top.

has anyone had anything like this before, with the weird 'wheezing' breathing in?

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  • Me too, and it does seems to confuse people when I tell them. Not sure if mine is wheezing as never really get that but it does feel like something catching ?mucus/inflammation.

    Will be interesting to see if anyone has an answer to this?

  • Hmm, I don't think I've ever had that exactly but I don't tend to wheeze either usually - except that sometimes my chest does feel quite like it's wheezing. Of course this NEVER happens when a doctor is anywhere near, naturally - it's usually in bed at night or in the morning. Though I have to say I am slightly confused about exactly what qualifies as wheezing and how you know you're doing it without a dr to tell you.

    One thing I do get more and more often is a kind of 'growling' noise/vibration down the centre of my chest when I cough. Does this sound anything like yours? Used to happen occasionally, kind of comes and goes but recently it seems to be pretty much every time I cough! Possibly related to mucus being stuck there - I can never cough mine up and carbocisteine didn't help at all.

  • I tend to get a wheezy cough more than anything else, which is confusing. when I've been in A&E/hospital, I've had people tell me my wheezy cough makes up for lack of wheeze on my chest. I'm starting to get really frustrated with whatever it is which is going on, as I get used to one set of symptoms and then they seem to change.

    whatever the wheezy strangeness is with breathing in does settle with my inhalers. although i'm not sure if it dies down on its own if its down to using the inhalers. the next time it happens, I'm going to try get it recorded in some way and ask gp about it or something, to find out whether it is wheezing or if its not, if she has any idea whatsoever what it may be.

  • Hmm I've never been told that about the wheezy cough but sounds sensible. Am wondering if I get that too as coughing does sometimes seem to consist of wheezy-sounded forced exhalations...but not sure!

    Good luck with finding out about this; hopefully you'll get an answer and it will be helpful diagnostically. Let us know if you do, I'd be interested to know.

  • I hope I manage to get some sort of answer too. I'll keep you posted about it.


  • when i wheeze which is also quite rare its mostly on exhaleing and it sounds like vibrating too! i always thought it was mucas but i also am unable to bring this up, find using either my inhaler or if its really bad my nebuliser helps x

  • I'm fed up with this. I may sound like an idiot - but where is the line between attack and being annoyingly symptomatic?

    at the moment tight, feeling a bit wheezy/chest feels to be vibrating, and got a nasty cough, although it isn't as persistent as it usually is in attacks. my inhalers aren't doing much at the moment, although, going by my peak flow, its around 55%. its dropped by about 10% since this morning when I woke up and had gone through a bit of salbutamol due to weirdness which I made the first post about.

  • ahh that is annoying! Afraid I don't know the answer though as I am pretty much always some variation of 'annoyingly symptomatic' and am not sure if I've ever had what you'd call an attack. This question is one I've often wondered about.

    Obviously if in doubt get help as you know, but I know that uncertain twilight zone feeling, I seem to live in it always wondering if something more is coming! If inhalers aren't really working though that could be a sign, and 55% of best seems pretty low; I was told if PF drops to half to get help (though with me that's no use at all as my PF rarely drops much and I have to go on symptoms).

  • I'm kind of on the one of ""my peak flow hasn't dropped too much throughout the day, despite inhalers not doing much - if it drops anymore; I'll get checked out"", probably not the attitude I should have though.

  • It has dropped though, to half... possibly a sign you should do something?

    Sorry, I would be doing exactly the same as you in this situation and thinking 'not yet' but sometimes it helps to have someone else point out what you know? Perhaps at least ring OOH and let them know wht's going on and they can advise?

  • 55%, not exactly half yet :P

    I'll give out of hours doctors a ring and see what they've got to say for themselves.

  • haha hairsplitting. If I waited for mine to drop to that I'd need carting off, amazing the difference between people!

    Glad you're talking to OOH though, hope they can help but hope you don't end up in Costa.

  • couple of nebs, pred, another infection and antibiotics. been told if I get any worse to go to A&E. I'm pretty lightheaded at the minute and peak flows back down. grrr :""( gksogjgkdfg. I'm sleepy and I don't want to play nicely :(

  • If your peak flow is down that quickly after nebs then I think you ought to go to A&E before things get any worse.

  • I'm with spookymilo, get yourself off to A&E! The nebs ought to be doing more.

  • I've taken myself to A&E. At the moment waiting for someone to try start a line. Been on a couple of salbutamol and something else [can't remember the name, anyone happen to know what's usually mixed with salbutamol?] and not been much improvement, oxygen levels are a bit higher than they were when I came in and that's about it.

  • Not that I've been to A&E but is it ipratropium (Atrovent)? I know they use that sometimes (wonderful stuff...). Hope things start improving soon and you're not there for too long!

  • Yeah, that's the stuff. Not sure what their plan is for IV stuff - nurse said doctor wants line going 'just in case' usually on IV hydrocortisone but usually respond to nebs easier than I am at the moment. As usual, I don't have a wheeze, my airflow is crappy again though. I'm not sure what they can do for it? Hmm. I hope I'm not in for long too, I'm tired.. I've had a rough day with it and its drained all my energy.

  • They're admitting me due to not much response from treatment, had been started on IV magnesium which seems to have helped the most so far. My doctor in A&E has said I'll likely see my consultant tomorrow - fingers crossed I do and fingers crossed I'll get a more set in stone diagnosis.

  • Hope you do get to see cons. I can't believe he would still be holding off on saying asthma after all this! Crossing fingers you get somewhere and get some better treatment. Xx

  • Wahoo!! :D consultant has said its asthma, he believes me that I don't wheeze. Progress? He's asked what's worked out - I've explained that doubled seretide seems to have worked out the best, but I get shakes from it and I've told him salbutamol and atrovent(sp?) works well too. He's said he'll consider having me on both salbutamol and atrovent inhalers and either 500mg seretide or separate inhalers for that as I can manage on normal dosage at times and other times I'm needing heavier inhaled steroids. He wants me to continue with the montelukast but he said he'll prescribe something so I don't have mucus sat on my chest as I said I was against taking the montelukast for the reason of not being able to clear my chest.

    I hope that makes sense and I haven't just rambled on for ages.

  • glad things have improved

    have the coughing but don't wheeze thing

    have ? wheeze but can only hear it when it very loud

  • Yay! I'd call that progress, hope the meds adjustment works out for you and no more back and forth to OOH and A&E. Hopefully consultant will be a bit more use now.

    Just one thing, very curious about what you said about not wanting mucus sitting on your chest from taking Montelukast. Does it do that for a lot of people? I've never heard of the link but would be interested to know more as I am on a double dose and often have problems with mucus sitting there but no-one I've mentioned it to has connected it to the Montelukast. Not thatI'd give it up as works really well for me but would like to know if there is a link.

  • I blame the montelukast for a lot of my admissions - they've been when I've had chest infections and I've not been bringing anything up. I also felt really blocked up. While I wasn't taking it, I was coughing more than usual but I was bringing mucus up and didn't feel as nasty? I've explained it to my consultant and he's said it sounds like its keeping everything down, and in turn causing more problems. I'm probably strange with it though. ;) lol

  • Ah thanks for explanation. It does sound like it's perhaps not the best for you then if you feel worse when on it. Glad your consultant seems to be listening!

    For me it's been amazing, has let me get a certain amount of control and not have to walk very slowly and get exhausted, but I know it doesn't work for everyone. Hopefully something else you try will click with your lungs if the Seretide doesn't do the trick alone.

  • I've escaped. lol. its about time he listens to something, hopefully now he accepts its asthma, I'll be able to get somewhere and reduce the amount of A&E trips and admissions. he's said its down to allergies coming from my blood tests - is allergenic asthma treated in the same was as other sorts? in my last appointment he said there isn't a lot I'm not allergic to.

  • I am so pleased that you are back home and at least you are now getting somewhere with regards to your asthma treatment

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