i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas to help or ehy i mite be havin headaches?

Been having them for the last month nearly, previously never had a headache before, any way went to docs who sed possibly migrances so prescribed migraleave - tried that for a week and didnt work, so i went for an app this time and he just prescribed co-dyrdamol and sed no more, now 2 weeks later still taking them most days for headaches ! Doc not very helpful and had to get me to expalin was difficult/severe asthma was... slightly worrying!!

The pain in at the front of my head around and behind right eye area - and right eye get quiet swollen at times.

I asked asthma nurse if she thought it was meds and she didnt seem to think so and theo levels are only just theraputic so its not that !!

Any ideas on next move? Getting fed up and have exams next month and cant be dealing with them in exams!! (and btw it aint stress lol!!)

Katie x

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  • Im not a doctor, far from it actually, but are you sure its not your sinuses? It sounds like the sinuses. There is a sinus right behind the eye, i think its called sphenoid sinus or something like that, aaand im pretty sure it can cause your eyes to become swollen if it is infected. I might be completely wrong too though, so you should probably comsult one of the people who actually know anything about the human body on here.

    Hope you feel better before exams though! its a pain! i am almost done. Good luck!


  • Have you had an eye test recently? It might be worth it just to rule out anything eye related, like needing stronger glasses. Also long term pred can cause eye problems I think I've heard people mention.

  • When I had sinus infections back in the dim and distant past I would get headaches like you describe. My ENT cons once said it is like the sinus at the top of nose and above the eye are a stagnant pond and are almost constantly infected, Charming man! Tell me if you bend down does it get worse?


  • thanks for the replies .... had eyes tested a couple of weeks ago and they actually got better :P ... so its not that

    as for sinuses - doc did some pushy test on my head and sed it wouldhave hurt if it was them and bex it dosent get worse when i bend down

    its not quiet behind my right eye more to the side of my head ( it s quiet hard to describe lol!) and its only my right eye that is slightly swollen!!

    oh the joys!

  • Katie, I would get this properly checked out, swelling like that should not be ignored I would be quite pushy in getting it sorted, it does not sound ""normal""


  • Doctors again for you young lady! If I could make a shot at any suggestions I would, but you really need to see a doctor again and be seen and examined thoroughly. There are a myriad of different causes for headaches (the grand majority are completely innocuous) so diagnosis-by-internet is more likely to be highly innacurate (and possibly scare you silly!).

    Hope you get sorted out. :)


  • yes mum (s)!!!

    ok ok, i will see if i can get an appointment tomorrow (some luck!!) i dont like to bother the docs and but i i must admit it is getting on my nerves and has passed the peroid where i can just ignore it!!

    katie xx

  • Cathbear is absolutely right (as if it needed saying...), there are many many causes for headache, and it's pretty impossible to diagnose via internet, so I would absolutely agree that you need to go back to your doctor and get a bit pushy for a proper explanation. It is very very unlikely to be anything serious, despite what you might think from Googling 'headache', but it does need properly checking out, a history like you've described shouldn't be ignored.

    Just one thing that occured to me, reading what you've written - taking painkillers every day can actually make headaches worse. It's called 'analgesic rebound headache' - your body gets used to the painkillers, and then you get a headache every time you don't take them. I know they do make life more comfortable when you do have a headache, but like any medication, they come with problems. All the more reason to get a proper diagnosis and get it sorted out...

    Hope you get an answer soon

    Take care

    Em H

  • well i went to the docs, and he prescirbed naratriptan and said to try that for a couple of days and if it dosent work then go back and he'll try summin different he said it sounds like a migrane but cant say for deffinate! so i guess ill try these and see how it goes but i duno !?

    katie x

  • just to update you, still getting bloomin headaches agh!!! pain killers nt really workimg so i have now been reffered to a neurolgist who i saw today and is sending me for MRI and bloods which will be done by netx week .. so hopefully ill get some relief before my exams and full stop!!


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