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flixonase nasules

after my stay in RBH , they have decided that my nose is misbehaving and the flixonase nasal spay isn't string enoug ... the have prescibed me with the nasules instead ... now as the meds didnt turn up when being discharged and me having to catch a coach i couldnt wait any longer for the meds ... hence i havent got them .. has anyone used them ??

i hear they are like nebules but u tip them up your nose .. it sounds horrid .. so any advice/tips would be nice!!

katie xxx

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Hi Katielou,

I've not used them myself, but as I understand it the advantages are supposed to be that you get a higher dose, and the liquid penetrates deeper into the sinuses than the spray, which is said to deposit most of the drug at the front of the sinuses. They are usually prescribed for people who have nasal polyps as well as rhinitis - have you been told if you have these?

I don't believe they are supposed to be too unpleasant to take, and it is a small volume of liquid (0.4ml). You have to make sure you get in the right position, with your nostrils pointing upwards - either standing up bent over so your head is by your knees, or lying on your back on your bed with your head hanging over the edge. I am sure the patient information leaflet will tell you exactly how to do it. Some of the liquid will probably run down the back of your throat which may taste a little unpleasant. As with other forms of nasal steroids, the side effects should be minimal.

Let us know how you get on - it's something I have considered asking my doctor for, as my rhinitis isn't particularly well controlled on the combination of two antihistamines, montelukast and Flixonase nasal spray.

Hope this helps

Em H


I was preascribed the nasules by RBH and found the best way to use them was to lie on my back with my head over the edge of the bed!!

I was given them as with most sprays i get severe nose bleeds and i also have nasal polyps but the nasules also caused nose bleeds so now only use sterimar.

Hope they work for you.


i have rihinitis .. and the spray dosent work .. apparently my nose is stil inflamed :S ... as for the polyps i dont think so they didnt mention it but !?

as for taking it i was told by M-G to lie on my bed with head off and do it like that he also said the diagrams in the patient handout leaflet are quite comical!!

As soon as one gets them and starts to use them i will let you know how i get on!!

thanks for the infor ....v.helpful!





Did you vacate a bed in the RBH last week? If so, I'm in it! Margaret - the lovely lady opposite was telling me a story about someone who had to fly out of here before getting their meds....

Store them upright in the foil. It's important to shake up the the nasules & flick the top a few times so the mixture is thoroughly mixed. It goes cloudy. Flick all the mixture to the bottom of the nasule before you twist the top off. Then, don't bother trying any of the other positions in the patient information leaflet except the head hanging over the bed one unless you are a yoga master. Just FYI I did try them and the results were hilarious to say the least. I would so love to see the Asthma team demonstrate for a laugh. It would be a youtube hit.

I just lie on the bed, hang my head over it, pinch one nostril, squeeze once halfway down the nasule (which drops half the liquid in one nostril), then swap to the other side, pinch and squeeze the remaining half in. Then because I am captain paranoia, I swap back and do the same thing in each nostril again to get the last drops out. This usually makes me cough like mad and feel like I've done a tumble turn and forgotton to breathe out. Not pleasant but my sinuses are better with it.

Good luck!


Morning katielou,

I have been on Flixonase now for 4 years. It takes some time tbut you will get the hang of it. The only thing i got to say is the same as hops said. I get alot of big nose bleeds.Hight dose can muck up your nose too.

L. Kaz


well i have them .. and they arent that plesant!!! i seem to be getting the hang of it .. well i think so anyway!

i have to take them morning and night during the day they seem (well sometimes)to work but at night they dont and my nose is blocked as per usual .. not sure if this is right or not!? maybe it just takes a bit of time for it to have regular effects?

sheep - lol yes that seems to be my bed and margret i think is talking about me .. shes loverly while i was there i taught her how to text onher phone and bless her she got sooo worried when my meds didnt come !!, someone called jen was also there an auz!? and a lady with black hair in the corner ! dunno if they were there or not!!!

katie xxx


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