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hey !

Just seen a new consultant today after coming out of hospital on tues ( had 2 attcks in for 5 day- not good way to spend half term) and he has just scrapped all my normal med - simbicort,philliyincontin, spyriva,montelukast,xyzal for seretide and montelukast he also tols me to keep a record of my peak flows for a month .. i am a bit baffeled as i am unsure wether this one inhaler and montelukast is enough!!

also startin college tommorow and it will be the 1st time i ave been out by myself since my attacks - ahhh ! and teachers will be on egg shells casue of the attack at college - i guess ill be havin the usual fun at college again lol

katie x


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hi can't really answer your question but at least if your consultant needs to up your inhalers at all he can add in the steriod part of seritide as a sep one called flixotide. see how you gomight be that a change of meds work for you.

Good luck


hay hope you are feeling better. Some cons do this, they start from step 1 and then build you up, it is so they can get a true picture of how your asthma is and if the meds are contributing to the attacks. Just be extra vidulant with your peak flows and with how you feel and don't hesitate to get in touch with your GP or resp nurse if you don't feelwell.

hope all goes well and you enjoy collage


hello,Ive been on the seretide inhaler for about 6 months now-for the first 3 months my peak flow flatlined at about 490-500 and I was feeling good,but lately I have been ""slipping back""-so maybe like most medications the body becomes slightly immune to the effects-but everyones reactions are different so I hope it works out ok for you.



I have just been put back on seretide after being on symbicort for a month and a half, I am now on seretide 250 before i was on seretide 500 so I ma actually going down a dose, I hoping i will be ok as I wasn't controlled on the 500 which is why I ended up on symbicort.



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