is it just a chest infection?

asthma has been bad for just over a week had a couple of attacks, on fri i started to cough more than usual but didnt think much of it. By sat mornning the cough had developed to productive and a lil crackly, by sat eve it had got worse and this morning even worse its really cracky when i cough, and if i breathe out it bubbles and crackles makes all funny noises (hehe)! and yes it is making asthma worse lol!! is this just a chest infection or not??

katie xx

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  • sounds possible but make gp appt to be sure. am in exactly same boat at moment as well.

  • Hello katielou

    When I get a chest infection, my asthma gets worse, and I need medication to help clear it up. So, I would see your doctor tomorrow, to get it checked out. Is your cough productive? Usually when you have an infection, your spit is coloured green.

    Hope this helps.



  • may i join the club?

    The same happens to me when i get sick, which i currently am. My cough becomes terrible, and asthma just goes crazy on me. It ALWAYS turns in to a chestinfection, even with the smallest cold. I currenty have a cold, coughing a bit, but its under controll atm, but i know that it will get a lot worse within the next week. Then i will have a cough for about a month!

    If you go to the doctors chances are that they will put you on antibiotics (they always do for me, but it doesnt help) I jsut take a lot of maxair (my reliever) and that helps a little.

    I hope things go better for you. feel better!

  • Haagendaz, you are right enough - anti-biotics won't work if your infection is caused by a virus rather than a bacteria, but I think most GP's would prescribe anti-biotics to an asthmatic just to ""cover"" the infection. Just bear in mind that even though the anti-b's haven't helped you in the past, this doesn't mean that they will NEVER help. Also, some people with asthma need a short course of steroids when they have a chest infection.

    Have you managed to see the GP yet katielou?



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