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Any IBS sufferers out there?

Hi I know this is not really asthma related though I am asthmatic and the 2 do affect each other, but I'm wondering if anyone can offer me any advice at the mo.

I've suffered with IBS for about 8yrs but the last 2 weeks have been awful I have constant stomach ache my stomach is so bloated I look 4 months pregnant (which I'm deffinately not!) I feel so nausiuos which I actually take tablets for which are not working and I feel so tired after sleeping a good 10hrs through the night after being up 4 or 5hrs I need to lay down and sleep again. I can't eat a meal coz I feel like I would just be sick if I ate it but put anything sweet in front of me ice-cream, cakes, sweets and I'm fine to eat them. I can't see a doc til fri and I am just at me wits end I could just cry and if I get too stressed out then I make my asthma worse. Any advice on anything would be greatfully apprecieted.


Smithy x

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Hi smithy, I have had IBS for many years, and I'm afraid that when it is really bad there is not much you can do for it. I have tried every prescribed and over-the-counter medication on offer, and have not found any of them to be particularly effective in a bad flare up of IBS.

Having said that, I use peppermint oil capsules. You can buy them in the pharmacy, they are called ""colpermin"", but this works out quite expensive. I buy mine from Holland and Barrett's (Extra Strength Oil of Peppermint capsules, 200mgs). Taken after meals, they can be quite effective in soothing the tummy and the gut. Some people experience heartburn when taking oil of peppermint, so watch out for this.

You probably do this already, but I find that holding a hot water bottle to my stomach or back can be quite soothing, as can a hot bath.

I find that a bland diet helps when things are bad - soup is always good, and is easy to eat when you're not very hungry. Too much roughage makes my IBS worse, so I avoid brown bread, fruit, vegetables etc. when I am having a bad attack. Tea also makes my IBS worse, as does chocolate (which is a shame, since I LOVE both).

If trapped wind is a feature of your IBS, you can buy an over the counter medication called ""Windcheaters"" (they are about 99p for 8 capsules).

Apart from that it's just trying to do something whish DISTRACTS you from the pain and discomfort.

Sorry not to be of more help. I hope things settle down for you soon.





The few things I do to help when I get a bat bout of it, is to as maz says cut food down to a bland boring diet. All the things I have learnt over the years that do not uspet me. Like soup, toast ready salted crisps, crackers rice. Most of it is carbs. Then once you start to imrpove and things calm down build up your diet slowly. Warm soak in the bath always helps me and it relaxes the bowel.

Gentle exercise is good if you can, short walk nothing to strenous.

I also drink a low fat probioitc yoghurt everyday which has helped me a lot as I have to take lots of antibiotics.

Also look at your life and see if you can see anything stressful that has helped trigger it and try and change the situation if possible



Hi Smithy. for nausea, try ginger - nibble ginger biscuits, acupressure point in wrist (where pulse is taken), press on that for a while with thumb or cold flannel to back of neck works sometimes. I also cut out fruit and veg as these make my stomach worse during attacks.

i am newly asthmatic and didnt realise there was a link between that and IBS - can any one explain link?




Hi thanks for your advice guys I take colpermin tablets and heartburn tablets I just seem to be going through a really bad patch at the mo. As for IBS and asthma my doc told me that if one flares up it will indirectly flare up the other, for example if you are on anti B's for a chest infection then the tablets wipe out the good bacteria in your stomach which will then flare up IBS and also if you get stressed with one it can flare up the other and so on

Smithy x


That's too right smithy - every time I go on anti-biotics now my IBS flares up. Having to deal with a flare up of asthma is bad enough, and then the IBS on top of that!!! Oh, it's a hard life......................


Smithy your story rings so many bells. After trying all the usual stuff - anti-spasmodic drug, colpermin, etc etc nothing worked when it was really bad but now I've discovered one thing which really makes a difference and that's camomile tea. I don't drink any tea or coffee now, only camomile tea or plain water. Don't suppose it works for everyone but it's hugely better since I discovered this. Give it a try


Same problem here. Why is it every time when i have bowel movement, out bloats my belly like i am pregnant and on comes the asthma attacks. Been told to take nebuliser before i use the toilet. sometimes i dont have the time. any advice welcome.


Peppermint tea is my saviour - sometimes need two cups back to back but it does the trick


Hi, you may have already been tested, but it might be worth checking to find out if you have gluten intolerance, or a food allergy such as a Lactose intolerance. If you are going to the doctor ask him if you can get the tests done. Or it may be that he can prescribe proton pump inhibitors if you have acid reflux, this goes hand in hand with asthma. Whatever you do I would definitely talk to your gp





My doctor just recommended me for a trial with a Vida health coach, has anyone heard of this?


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