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reduce meds?

Hi all? I just wondered what peoples thoughts are and if others have gone through this. I hate taking medication as it is and will only take what is absolutely necessary. I take seretide 125 2 puffs twice a day (when i remember that is tut tut i know!) and bricanyl when needed, ive had attacks previosly but not for about 2 yrs now. i rarely use my bricanyl other than playing football where i always end up tight chested and with a cough afterwards but other than that i'm fine any other time. Is it likely i'll be able to come off the seretide or go onto something that is just a preventer as opposed to a dual inhaler (seretide). just thought i would ask before i make an appt to see asthma nurse and waste their time.


Smithy xx

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It sounds like you have well controlled asthma, you could go and see your asthma nurse and ask about reduction, but if you are controlled then you may just want to stay as you as and be happy that you have good control. Up to you really. If you want to reduce go nad see your asthma nurse first!


Hi Smithy,

You're a bit between two posts here, aren't you? Despite the fact that you're usually really well controlled, you're still getting symptoms when you exercise, which could indicate that you're only just about controlled! How often do you play football? I guess here you have to balance the frequency and severity of your symptoms playing football against any downsides of taking the medications regularly.

As Plumie says, you starting point should really be an appointment with your GP or asthma nurse, bounce these ideas off them and see what they think! I'm sure together you'll thrash out a plan.



Thanx for that I'll book in with the nurse! I play football twice a week. I do many other sports but its only ever football that effects me and leaves me with a cough for the rest of the day!

Smithy x


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