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Swine flu jab side effects?

Hi apologies if this has already been discussed but I've looked through the threads and can't find anything obvious. I'm booked in to get my jab next week but am a little worried about it. Not long finished a course of pred and was wondering, those of u who have had the jab were there any after effects?


smithy x

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hi Smithy,

I have had mine and on Pred,went on realy well.

will pm you the rest xxx


Hi Smithy,

I had a swine flu jab 48 hours ago. For the first 10 hours, I entirely forgot that I had had it. Then in the evening I was putting on a coat, and thought I pulled a muscle in my arm - but I think it was just a sudden (mildish) pain from the jab. My arm still hurts to raise above shoulder height, but it is less painful than it was. 12 hours after having it I started feeling mildly ill, and nauseous. The next morning I still felt ill, took some paracetemol, and felt OK by lunch time. My asthma felt slightly worse when I was going through the 'feeling ill' stage.

When I got the jab, I said the actual injection hurt more than normal. My GP said the jab contained less of the actual main bit of the jab (I don't know if that's a small amount of flu in this case??), and more of the stuff to make you react to it. That would make sense with my experience - I had the normal flu one a couple of weeks ago, and had absolutely no reaction.

Assuming my arm stops hurting at some point, I do not regret having the jab. My theory when I was going through the feeling ill bit was that if this was a miniature version of swine flu, then I definitely didn't want the real one! I had similar thoughts to you a month ago when I was taking pred though, so I understand where you're coming from (although I kept thinking that if I was on long term pred, I would probably still be able to get the jab (??) so a short course should be OK). Would you feel more confident if you waited a couple of weeks?

(Edited to say there's a thread further down about pred and swine jab - I'd agree with Cathbear's advice.)


Had the jab last week and all I have suffered is a very sore arm, and that's it!


Like many others I have had a very sore arm after having the jab. I did however have an allergic reaction to the jab which was instant and ended up in hospital. But am now ok despite the sore arm.



Swine Flu Side Effects

If you have the swine flu jab I would suggest you make sure you have your medication around, chat to the doctor and don't take any chances.

I had the swine flu jab 12.00 last Saturday, and started with a sore arm, which migrated to an aching body and stomach cramps, so had paracetamol and went to bed. When I woke up at 5pm, I had aching across the shoulder blades so got up and had the beginnings of an asthma attack which I could not bring under control and was nebulised by a paramedic and taken to casualty for the evening.

On Sunday afternoon I had another asthma attack, which got out of hand so husband took me to A&E, which was silly, I should have got an ambulance as I was having real problems getting air in and out, couldn't speak etc when we arrived. Fortunately, after 2 nebulisers everything had settled again and I was let out, after the first 48 hours after the jab life became a lot more sensible.

I have been on pred because I had reactions to the seasonal flu jab, but not to such an extent so I could be the exception to the rule as I have not heard of anybody getting similar problems.


Oh dear,I hope everyone who reacted badly is on the mend. I was just popping on to say that the pain in my arm is definitely getting better! I can now lift it without saying 'ow'! I'm sure the people who reacted badly would have a different opinion, but currently, I'm still happy and glad that I went for it. I would say to have it on a day where you're not expecting to do anything too strenuous for 36/48 hours if poss.


I had mine 5pm Monday night. Sore arm which is slowly getting better but the headache has remained. Am taking paracetamol and felt very bad for the first 2 days. It's going to be better than having swine flu though and I am glad I have had the jab.


My son whos 9 had his swine flu jab tues night. Hes had headaches and temp but noticed today hes come out in a rash not sure if its from jab or not, trying to find out if it is.


Had the jab

Friday afternoon

Had the jab from the best jab nurse in our practice. The very smallest pinprick and it was all over. Not even the usual ow! feeling you get after the needle is withdrawn and that I had from the flu jab - different nurse on that occasion.

So far Friday evening I noticed slight ouch when husband forgot and playfully nudged me. Sleeping on my usual side was out of the question, I soon found, cos extreme pain to make eyes water when I leant on that arm. NB next time get jab in other arm.

Other than that, and its getting easier to lean on that side now, no other side effects.


Looks around for piece of wood... Gives up and taps head.


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