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I have a question that is not directly related to asthma, but I guess it co-exists with my breathing probs so here goes. Any time I try to exercise and am having real trouble breathing, I get very intense pain in my feet. It's almost exactly like that pain you get when your feet are warming up from being frozen, so much so that I can't bear to be standing on them. Has anyone ever felt this, or knows what it's about? Thanks


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  • Are u taking steroid tablets at all ??

    I have found that when I used to take pred I would get burning pain in my feet when walking or standing !!

    I get it less now I tale betamethasone tablets all the time but it still hurts now and again !!

  • Thanks Wheezer, but not taking pred at the moment. Only take it in short spurts when splatting.

  • Are you on seretide? I get foot cramps as a side effect of this?

  • Hi Brynne

    Just seen this post. I have developed severe pain and tingling in my feet for the past 4 months. I take serevent, tiotropium and salbutamol but have not changed any of these recently. My GP diagnosed it as osteo arthritis and I have been given amitrtipyline, which has helped, although not completely taken the pain away. Might be worth a chat with your doctor.


  • Thanks Kathy

    I think I will speak to my gp. I've been thinking whether any of it's related to medication, but I know that this pain is definitely different than the funky chicken we all know and love. Thanks again


  • Brynne hasn't gone bonkers, ""the funky chicken"" is the AUK name given to the dance frequently performed when you've got cramp in your feet/legs.

    Thought it might be worth shedding this little piece of background info ;)

    Hope you get the pain sorted soon Brynne :D


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