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Hayfever/asthma query

So as usual it's the summer, there's lots of grass pollen about (I'm ridiculously allergic) and my hayfever is a nightmare. Unfortunately if affects my asthma something rotten which isn't anything new, it's done it the past 2 years. I've just got some singulair prescribed so that should hopefully kick in soon - miracle drug! Anyway my question is - my asthma is more of the cough variety than a wheeze. Lately sometimes when I've coughed the back of my throat has tasted like metal, it tastes disgusting. I'm fairly sure I'm not actually coughing up blood cause theres none on the tissue/my hand./whatever I've put to my mouth when I've coughed but what could it be? I've googled and most the results point to an infection but I'm not sure, has anybody else had this? I just hope my singulair kicks in quick, I am so uncomfortable. Feel tight chested and starting coughing up a lung anytime I step outside. :(

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It does sound like you may have an infection of some kind. Have you visited gp to check your throat. You may have some minor damage after coughing so much.

I too cough rather than wheeze and as you say hayfever is a real nightmare.

All the best.




it does sound like an infection, go and visit your gp or you could try chatting to your pharmacist if you have a good one near you, but they usually just send you to gp. The singulair takes 6 weeks to work, have you any antihistamines prescribed? if not ask gp to give them to you. If you are on them already they may have to give you something stronger, cos the hayfever could be triggering your asthma hence the cough and making the symptoms worse. If hayfever under control it may stop you coughing.



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