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Cold + too much salbutamol

So I'm a hypochondriac anyway so this may just be me being paranoid but I have a cold right now that's decided to settled on my chest. I've had to take my salbutamol twice in 3 hours and after this second time it's already wearing off. I read the patient leaflet and it says if you take too much and experience these symtpms (rapid heartbeat, shakes, face flushing) then to see your doctor ASAP. Well being as I technically took an overdose (didn't leave a 4 hour gap) and I suffered these symptoms which I actually always thought were normal salbutamol side effects, I always get them, I am now freaked out!! So basically my question is, are those side effects anything to be alarmed about and am I really not safe if I need to take another dose before my four hours is up because it is incredibly uncomfortable to lie flat right now.

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is it really not better for your breathing to lie at an angle?

how much salbutamol inh are you taking?

any relief?



I need to sit upright to feel comfortable, it feels like a band round my chest if I try and lie flat which I hear is common for asthmatics anyway because lying down squashes our lungs.

I had 2 puffs at about 6.30 and then another 2 puffs at 9.30. I had the shakes both times, I always do from salbutamol. It does give relief, it just starts to wear off after about 3 hoursish.


yes unfortunately thats true! i dont ever dare try lie flat. yo are doing quite well if you are managing 2 puff 3 hourly :) but still, if you are not getting relief especially with the tight band and its only 2 hours now, please contact out of hours GP see what they say. they may suggest a one-off neb to help you feel better :)



.... those side effects of salbutamol are normal, and no ur not being hypochondriac!! :( x


Thanks for your replies! The band has gone now I'm sat upright, I don't fancy trying to sleep like this though!!

Especially since I have work at 8!!

I shouldn't read my patient information leaflets, freaks me out haha


haha!! maybe, maybe not. if you need to take your inhaler 2 puffs 3 hourly-4 hourly then take it, but certainly, anymore often than that, or feel worse, more di9fficulties then GP or 999 please :)

hope you manage to get some sleep tonight somehow, however is comfortable for you- plenty of pillows! :S

tip: i also find putting a bowl of water on top of a heater helps as it moistens the air ??!!

.... hope u well enough for work



Thanks for your tips, I managed Thursday at work for 7 hours without any reliever inhaler so I'm sure tomorrow will be fine!


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