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Annoying Attention Seekers

There is this girl in my PE class that has an inhaler. She hardly ever takes it outside with her and when she does she actually uses it. She makes such a big thing out of it. It's so inconsistent. If she needs it that badly, surely she'd need it every week. I saw her take it like 6 times today and she could still carry on playing! Does anyone else have the problem. It just annoys me that i struggle twice as much and i don't think she realisises what it's actually like!

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Hey bobby,

i totally know how you feel. In my school (now in sixth form) i often had girls who woulld 'play' on thier asthma when it suited them, like when we had to do a run they would 'drop out' or 'not take part' becasue of thier astham, and when i said i genually couldnt do it they would be like 'yeah yeah'. I often have a prob;em when i am in class if coughing ( i do it alot) or weezing certain girls would start coughing or have problems and reach for thier inhaler, when really there was nothing worng , this was confermed last year when there was a chemical spillage in the exam hall 8 people had 'attacks' including this girl, she was taken to hospital along with myself and then walked out of recus fine 2 min after she was brought in !! - i was in for 5 days !!

I really hate it when you have smokers and asthmaticsa as well as they complain about thier asthma but then go for a quick fag a bit later !!

sorruy if its long and if the spellings not good

katie xxxx


I totally agree. If i mention to a friend i've got a problem then strangely so do they!..They tell the teacher and get loads of sympathy!!! It drives me crazy.

It's so good to have a moan!!!!



i definetly agree one of my best mates her dad has asthma and everytime i have to take my inhaler she suddenly cant breath either when she hasnt even got asthma, shes always coing me even when i said i was going to the opticians she went as well and ASKED for glasses and im still struggling to see!!!

People like that get on my nerves

Becky x


these people are funny, 'cos when i was at school, uni and even now when start new job or meet new people -do everyhing i can to hide the fact i ahve asthma, not play on it - it's not something to talke lightly, or play with!


Difficult one this..... they may have a problem or not... but it is frustrating if they are simply after attention, especially if its not needed and you on the other hand are really struggling

I've had asthma for nearly 3 years now and still feel a bit of a fraud as I've never reached a point where I've needed to go to a&e........ it tends to rub off too in how I deal with it - with some people, I am comfortable to admit symptoms/problems, and other times try to avoid any mention or acknowledgement, even if can't speak properly... to the extent that hide in the loo to take ventolin, and just try to keep going

generally its fair to say that if I'm not comfortable with people then I'll do my damndest to ignore or hide a problem.... one to one is certainly better than a wide audience, and better still when its somebody that you feel you can trust


i aslo try and hide my asthma not show it off. I think the people who brag about having asthma don't have clue what it is really liek to have it. I think if that had just one day of what alot of people on these boards have been/going through they would quickly shut up.



I agree with Duckie. Some people are just attention seeking drama queens. I've always found that these are the people with the least to moan about, but it dosn't stop them. The rest of us are just more mature.



I managed to keep quiet about my asthma for years, hiding in the loo to take ventolin. It is only this year that it has become public at work because of the severe allergic reactions that I keep getting. I still go and hide though to take inhaler and prirton if i can but most people now have learnt to recognise the signs and come searching. I, too can get a bit irritated by those who are attention seeking but then I remember the days well as achild/young teenager when I was probably the same - not with asthma but in other ways. I think a lot of healthy young people go through that phase at some time and in some way, resenting the attention that others are getting and trying to find a way of getting the same attention. Some people don't necessarily need their inhaler every time they exercise it may depend on the season, weather, tiredness etc. In the early days of my asthma I could go for weeks without any problems at all and then suddenly, out of the blue, I had difficulty breathing when running all because the pollen levels were high. Try and be patient and talk to her about it. See if she does know what sets her asthma off. It might help you to understand. Remember not every asthmatic wheezes. She may just have a tight chest and uses her inhaler to keep going normally. Some people do enjoy being ill though as long as it is not a serious problem. All that spiel probably isn't much help, but hope you find it of some use.



*looks at annoying sister in law who only takes hers/ coughs when i'm doing it and rubs it in when shes barely got it and i'm brittle*

just ignore her, and if it is an attention seekm, its her health shes damaging at the end of the day.


There is someone at work who insists on, very publicly,using his inhaler for about a millisecond gasp and then sticks a cigarette in his mouth-very annoying-it makes everyone think that asthma isnt much of a problem.


I am shocked. As all asthma sufferers should know, everyone's symptoms and treatments vary, and everyone's attitudes towards their own conditions vary. Some people are fine with having asthma and are happy enough to self medicate in public and some people have problems even admitting to having asthma in the first place, often resulting in lack of treatment and therefore hospitalisation or worse.

Then, there are those who do make a big thing of it. I can't answer for the girl in question but, did you ever think that this is maybe her way of dealing with her condition? That the only way she can handle it is to make a big thing of it? The girl might not have any visible symptoms but inside, she might feel terrible. But however she (and others) deal with her condition. she (and the others) should be supported, not criticised, it's difficult enough.

And, there is the possibility that the condition that this girl is suffering is not actually asthma. B2-agonist inhlers (relievers) are also used in the treatment of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder), acute and chronic bronchitis and other conditions. The frequency of usage of inhalers is different in treatment of these conditions. So, as was said by another user, why not ask the girl about her condition and the treatment she uses? It's possible that she has not been properly informed.


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