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I have just had a bad admission to the local costa. Finally I am free. Have had meds changed etc and find myself with atrovent nebs and inhaler as well as usual ventolin. How does this work? It seems to last longer than the ventolin. Can I take this in an attack? The info from said costa was not that clear, or maybe I am just to knackered to have remembered.

Thanks in advance for your help x

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Yes, atrovent works for a bit longer than salbutamol / ventolin i think it works for 6 hours and salbutomol is 4?!?!?!?! correct me if im wrong. Yes you can take it in an attack, i always have salbutamol and atrovent, i think it works quite well!! hope this helps a lil bit!


Thanks so much. Retention of information in costa is often a mix that does not go together.


When I was on atrovent I think I was told it is a LABA and so I had to take it regularly as an inhaler - 4 times a day and use ventolin in between. When having a bad attack I had to nebulise ventolin AND atrovent and this made the nebuliser last longer as I bounce up and down really hard in exacerbations.


I am on Atrovent and my usual dose is 2 puffs every 4 hours.

If you are in doubt it might be worth checking with your GP or Asthma Nurse


Atrovent is a different type of drug to salbutamol, it works by relaxing the muscles, It takes longer to kick in but last longer. The usual dose is one tablet if using the handihaler thing 4 times a day. Idelly is shouldn't be used in a acute attack but some doctors say use it aswell as salbuamol.


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