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Ferrous Sulphate?


I've been anaemic since age 13 and discovered I had pernicious anaemia age 17. Recently I've had alot of trouble with Ferrous sulphate, it just hasn't been agreeing with my stomach recently so my GP changed it to a slow release form called Ferrograd. I had some blood taken on Tuesday to see how things are going on Ferrograd. Even on high amounts of the sulphate my levels have never been right though and the Ferrograd is a lower dose. I haven't got the results for definite yet but I was told briefly over the phone today they aren't great and I need to make another appointment with the GP.

I am desperate not to go back on the sulphate if I can help it because I've had no problems on the slow release one. I heard there was different forms of it available (?salts) and also infusions so I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about these?


Tks xx

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Have you tried looking on the BNF website? You can access it at bnf.org.uk/bnf/ and although you have to register to use it, it's free to do so. I've had a quick look and it does have different ferrous preparations, so it might be worth taking a look, though of course it'd be good if you could get some easily understood info from someone here too. Sorry I can't be of more help, tks.



TKS, I take ferrous gluconate cos it is supposed to be kinder to the tummy, nothing it going to wonderful but at least it does have me see-sawing from constipation to the runs!




As Bex says - Ferrous gluconate is the other preparation available. It *can* be given as an IV infusion, but this is associated with high risk of anaphylaxis, so is generally avoided unless essential. Assume you're also on B12 for the pernicious side of things? Hope you find the solution soon.



Thanks for your replies. I will ask GP about the gluconate. The infusion doesn't sound like it would suit me. I have a *bit* of a bad reputation when it comes to reactions to certain IV drugs... So I doubt thats going to be an option anyway. I've been on B12 injections every 3mths (except for the 'build up' course at the beginning) since diagnosis.

Thanks again,

Tks xx


I have persistent mild anaemia (iron levels around 8-10 etc) and take 3-4 times a week Fersamal , Ferrous Fumarate which is a syrup usually given to children I think.

It doesn't upset my stomach and it doesn't constipate me either which was my main problem with the tablet varieties.

It tastes a bit horrid though (Polyjuice! LOL)



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