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just come back from an appointment to see consultant after being taken off steroids i am down to 6mg the reason for me coming off is i am having no therapeutic benefit's from steroids or any steroid based medication i have been given. i am at a dead end as to what is going to happen as i am struggling to remain at home but am still managing with my protocol regime of 2hourly nebs once that goes to back to back i have to go in, but i am confused as to what else can help now steroids do not have any significant impact on symptoms. Has any one else ever had this problem with steroids becoming ineffective with asthma? i feel my current consultant isnt that great,well is not really knowing what to do with me!!

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I can sympathise regarding the steroids every time I end up in a and e or being admitted i end up with more steroids but have to say they really don't make a huge amount of difference. in fact asthma nurse once said to me that if my quality of life had a dramatic improvement with steroids they put put me on them and leave me on them but apart from all side effects they don'#t do anything at all for me. Seem to spend lot of time on them at mo cause been in evry 2 weeks for last 6 so really not happy and neither is chest today so have nasty feeling won't be long b4 end up going in again but hoping to make con appt next mon. I know feeling about having fun as well by time get in from work all I want to do is sleep so much so that when alarm went off at 7am today switched it off and went back to sleep till8 only then to ruck and be in work late which isn';t me at all. good luck with findind a solution tho.


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