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pregnancy --------- Prednisolone et al

i have just found out today i may be about (own calculation!) 9 weeks pregnant, can any one tell me if the medication i am on can cause problems with the baby i am not to concerned about me as what will happen will happen just if any damage can be caused by having asthma medication. especially the pred.seeing gp Wednesday and con Thursday just wanted a bit of advise as worrying at the present thank you

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No idea but congratulations!


With all three of my pregnances i had to take courses of prednisolone. Was told that unstable asthma was more dangerous than taking steriods, which can be used while pregnant. Ive got three healthy boys and didnt have any problems when they were born. I was taking montelukast and was advised not to take it while pregnant. My gp went through my medication and sorted out what was safe to take. I had to gradually reduce my theophylline as its not recommended during the last 3 months. Please dont worry i had a few asthma attacks, anaphylatic reaction and a car crash and they were all ok! I just had to be abit more sensible when it came to asking for help if my asthma was playing up. Hope all goes well, know i worried about everything but it is possible to be asthmatic and have a healthy baby!

All the best



check with your doctor

but congrats to you


First of all congratulations

I took pred(30mg)throught out my last pregnancy as well as salbutamol and other steriod inhaler and LABA and was under the care of both the obstatrician and resp team. I only had 1 severe attack during the pregnancy and i had no probs as they were so careful with meds and the care i was given was very throrugh.

My son was born 2 weeks early by c- section as i he was breech and 9lb 13oz and it was the easiest pregnancvy out of the 3 and my asthma actually did improve during it.

If you want to chat more please feel free to pm me. Hope all goes well


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