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Just a quick question. I've been on symbicort 400/12 for a while now and had singulair added a few months ago. Doctor said that when I was stable I should try going back to the symbicort 200/6. I was going to do this before christmas but I must confess I was and am a little nervous about going back to the 200/6 incase things start to go down hill and I didn't want to ruin christmas for everyone.

But this morning I decided it was time to give it a try. Been ok during the day but suddenly, late evening, i got a tight chest and cough and slightly wheezy.

Could it be because I went down to lower strength? or just one of those things?

I'm not sure how quickly things could get worse, if they do. I have never done this before.

Any help would be great!


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How often do you take the simbicort? if its twice a day try reducing just the morning dose first? It maybe one off those things especially if your anxious about it, if your not so breathless that you become acute i would maybe stick with it and if no better or worse in a few days then think again. Maybe go back to your gp or asthma nurse and explain?

Andrea xx


Well i was taking the 400/12 at 2 puffs twice a day for many months, then about 2 months ago reduced to 1 puff. I've gone down to 3 puffs of the 200/6.

You're probably right, just wait and see and go back if need be.

I really want to get back to where i was this time last year medication wise, 2 puffs twice a day of 200/6 and means no singulair!!



It can be done Christine it will just take time, its alot harder to reduce than increase, stick with it hunny

andrea xx


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