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Firstly, this is not a post for emergency help.

How can you tell if your reacting to ibuprofen? I know that might sound like a daft question but i'm not sure if it's just a coinsidence. Basically i've pulled a muscle in my upper back, which is making breathing a little tricky as it is, any how, i have taken 2 doses of 400mg ibuprofen, which normally i'm ok with but 2nite i have a tight chest and slightly breathless, been coughing all day anyway.

Would just be handy to know.


btw, i will seek help if it gets worse :o)

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I always thought that Ibruprofen (sp) shouldnt be used by asthmatics, It states on packageing and enclosed leaflet asthmatics should not use.

Someone please correct me if my brain cells are still asleep :-)

J x


You are right but i've never had a problem with it before



*plonks doctors' hat on head*

A small number - approximately 10% - of asthmatics will be sensitive to aspirin and other non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Many, therefore, will not.

As a general rule, if you've taken ibuprofen before and you've been OK with it, then you'll carry on being OK with it and other drugs in that class. If you're not sure, or you've never taken it, it's best to avoid it.

*removes doctor hat and chucks it to one side*

Hope that helps!



hope you feeling bit better. I react to Ibuprofen so i always avoid it but as i also react to asprin as well have learnt to to read ingredients on things b4 taking them. can't say have noticed that they affect chest much but face swells if take asprin or things that contain asprin. Try using heat pads that stick to skin i pulled muscle in sholder about 18ths ago and they really did help a lot .


CathBear - have you tried wearing a wig? ;o)


As a slight aside, if you are someone who reacts to ibuprofen and/or aspirin then I have been told my immunologist to limit the amount of tomato and tomato products you eat as they are somehow related to aspirin. One of those strange but true facts, apparantly.



strangly enough becky don't really do tomato products as have a thing against red. he he. mum reconds its because she brought me up to eat sweets she don't like so love orange things but don't do red apart from red pepper. LOL


Deek - no, I'm afraid I don't really suit a wig; hats are more my thing.

D'ya think a special wig may be more suitable for me?



I personally also have spinal injuryes for the last three and a half year, if i was you i have found that taking ibuprofen does not help with the pain and can make me worse.

I dont mean to be interfining. Sorry if i am.

Back to the astma when i have take them before for my back i have found that because of the muscels that i have injured it does not help my breathing anyway but just by take an ibuprofen it sets my astma off to.

Hope this has help and hope you get better soon good luck, keep strong and you will get through it



I think it may have been a coincidence as chest has settle down by the next day.

Normally, when i have pain in my lower back, which is a long term problem, i use ibuprofen in a cream, but where this problem was, i couldn't physically reach lol

Thanks for all the advice, very helpful :o)



I'm taking ibuprofen at the moment after a patient crashed into my back the other day and bruised it. I take 400mg 2-3 times a day and it doesn't seem to have upset my asthma. A few years ago, though, I was given diclofenac (voltarol) post op and my asthma did go a bit haywire so the nurse stopped me from taking it. In hindsighyt I think it was the flowers by another bed in thebay causing the problem not the tablets.

I do know others whose asthma is afected by anti-inflammatories and just as many who aren't.


I am weird with anti-inflamatories as I can take some and not others.

Aspirin and diclofenac and indomethacin are no-no's for me but low dose Ibuprofen helps IF I am desperate - I keep it as a last resort to take with painkillers I am prescribed!

I have issues with my asthma with some of them but then I cant take others due to stomach issues!


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