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Asthma, hayfever and steoid tablets

I was gonna put this under another thread for hayfever but didn't seem right.

My asthma has got worse because of the horrible pollen, on days when the pollen count has been moderate or high i've struggled more than when it was low (mainly at the weekend when it was raining). I'm due to see doctor at end of the week anyway but i was wondering, i'm already on a preventer and long acting reliever, would seroid tablets like pred. help or would it just be pointless?

Also, i saw a report on the main AUK site about the long term use of steroid inhalers. In the report it mainly talks about people who are on doses that are too high and should be reduced by using add on's like long acting relievers and also steroid tablets. But surely it can't be good to be on long term steroid tablets?

So it seems a bit odd to actually recommend them as a way of controlling asthma long term?

I realise there are many on here who do have to use steroids tablets as a long term 'control' but i got the feeling this report was talking mainly about people who are mild to moderate, could be wrong tho.


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ask about singulair. i've been put on it tonight. it is suppossed to help hayfever as well as asthma and can be taken along side usual inhalers and hayfever tablet.


I was prescribed Singulair last hay fever season as well - I found it really good as well.


Would I be able to stop taking the singular once the hayfever season is over?



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