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Asthma or something else?

I don't know if you guys will be able to help (trying 2 avoid dr's again!). Like many i've been having problems with asthma since the tree pollen has gone crazy. Dr put me on symbicort 400/12 and seems to be going well until saturday evening when i started coughing, worse than when my asthma isn't right. I woke up late morning (it was a sunday plus i really needed a lie in!), felt a bit tight chested, took reliever, all seemed to be fine, but then i started coughing again, slowly getting worse. Had some trouble sleeping last night, couldn't breathe very well when on my back, helped at bit on my side. Today started okay but as morning went on the coughing started again and now i can't seem to stop and get a sharpish pain in the top of my chest when i cough, i know this could just be the muscles. Could this just be my asthma or something else going on that may mean another trip to dr? I'll be grateful for ANY ideas!



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Hi Christine,

I’m sure it’s the weather that’s causing extra problems for asthma, as well as hay fever sufferers. I had a similar experience to you at the weekend and part of yesterday

Woke up on Sunday with a very low pf -160 - and breathlessness and even wheezing, which is very unusual for me, despite being on pred. I thought it was because I’m on a reducing dose of pred and that my lungs were protesting, but after extra symbicort was able to get things back under control. Like you I was coughing a lot too.

By last night could breathe much better.

The pain in your chest is probably caused by the coughing. I get a similar sort of pain when I’ve been coughing a lot, but didn’t know that until I asked my doc. I think it’s worth you talking to the docs again just for peace of mind, and to make sure there is nothing else going on.

Hope you are feeling better today. If not ring your docs.

This weather is pants!

Take care,



thanks Mia, i think you are right, it seems to have settled, just a bit of coughing in the day but getting worse again at night, not sure if taking my reliever would help tho? :o/ Daft thing is, my peak flow is still high, lowest it dropped to was 500!

That is the 1 thing that annoyes me to be honest, my peak flow doesn't really do anything and is no help what so ever for judging what my asthma is up to.

Thanks for your help



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