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Steriod withdrawl symptoms

Hi everybody,

Just wanted to know if/what side effects other people have when coming off


Daughter is down to 2.5mg every alternate day from 10mg per day,(done is very gradually much to the annoyance of the con!) but experiencing dizziness, headaches and sore tummys just this week.

She's been fantastic since Dec with no asthma attacks (were on the xolair programme curretly)

and are almost Pred free but wonder if anybody else had withdrawl issues?

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Thanx everybody for the replies


hi Ozzygirl.When I was on them for a while,I felt really tearful and usualy the second day after a reduction for 2 days then went ok.I got some 1mg pred of my doctor and reduced slower.Can remember beeing really tired so had a power nap in the


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