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Pred and Swine Flu

The more seasoned campers who know me well will be aware of my very keen interest in immune system suppression, T-cell modulation and the impact that this has on asthma. Well, this got me thinking about the possible effect that swine flu could have on asthmatics who regularly take pred, which is recognised as causing immune system suppression.

It is widely recognised that those who are pregnant are at higher risk of complications if they contract swine flu due to pregnancy causing natural suppression of the immune system. Does this therefore mean that asthmatics who take pred could also be at higher risk of complications than those who dont take pred?

Apologies if I am making a mountain out of a mole hill, it is just my enquiring mind. I am pretty sure that there will be some people on here will already have experienced swine flu and be able to offer first hand advice/comment.

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Deek! Welcome home, have missed your wee lilting tones, am glad your back its been too long since that wig has had an airing. Welcome back learned friend, have damp dusted your wig wam and will toast some marshmallows in your honour.

Yippee Deek is back! Take good hair Deek, love Lois


Swine flu has swept through my kids plus their OH's in our own little famdemic (made up word for famiy epidemic) when we realised the 1st case was probably swine flu I called the out of ours Dr and asked if I should be on tamiflu because I was on high dose pred and he said no, I then went on to list the many other problems and a very shaken and quiet voice whispered ""you don'tr have any symptoms do you?"" when I replid I was for me in the rudest of health he cheered up no end and prescribed tamiflu. So it seems that pred alone will no get you preventative dose but if you have other problems you probably will get it.

Nice to have your back Deek, young Josh would like your most green wig please as his hair has fallen out again :(



Tamiflu isnt a cure for swine flu it only helps dampen the symptoms so having tamiflue when you havent got swine flu I struggle to see the benefits. However I do see your point about being on pred. I see swine flu as just being a new strain to normal flu and asthmatics on pred are at more risk of getting that than normal people so assuming the idea could be the same....


Weird I was told it was anti-viral drug which would suggest it works against the virus. I am the only member of a 7 person car journey for 3 hours with a confirmed case who did not get full blown swine flu, not even a sniffle or ache or anything. I prefer to think my Dr's advice that is certainly worth taking over one posted on an internet website. You sound like my niece who because 2 friends had had tamiflu and it did not work decided that it was not worth taking, maybe they did not have swine flu or maybe they took it too late. Thankfully I decided that following the advice of the Drs at the RBH where, incidentally some Proffessors work who lecture at the Imperial London who are heading up the UK research, was a better course of action and it is now over 7 days since the last case here was confirmed and I am still well.


I am on long term pred and I was with someone who had swine flu for a couple of days, yes I appeared with a cold but I did have that before I came into contact with a person who had swine flu....This was about a week and a half ago and I am still ok now.....So fingers crossed I have escaped it, lol.......


Hmm, very confusing. To clarify the latest advice being given by the government is that ""Antivirals can't cure swine flu but they can help you to recover more quickly and they can relieve some of your symptoms"" They are no longer being dished out like smarties just by the asthma card being waved. SInce a week last Thursday Tamiflu is only being prescribed if you have a fever or a high temperature (over 38/100.4) and have two of the following symptoms: unusual tiredness, headache, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath or cough, loss of appetite, aching muscles, diarrhoea or vomiting.

For more information on swine flu there is a web site flu or you can ring the information line on 0800 1 513 513. It is my understanding that taking Tamiflu will not stop you from getting swine flu.

I have brittle asthma and am on Prednisolone and have been in close proximity with a sufferer of swine flu but to date have no symptoms. Both my GP, the Asthma UK helpline and the Difficult asthma clinic have said NOT to take Tamiflu unless I develop a fever, high temp and 2 other of the swine flu symptoms. (I have been advised to increase my nebs as a precaution) I am pleased as i believe that ordinary anti-biotics are less effective due to overuse over the years and don't work as well and i wouldn't want the same to happen with the to date only treatment for swine flu.

I'm not medically qualifed though but hopefully someone who is will be along soon to clarify. But i do know for a fact that taking Tamiflu when you have no symptoms of swine flu will not stop you getting swine flu.

Take care everyone, Lois


I was given an advice leaflet from RBH peads dept last week and they are recommending Tamiflu for their children with swine flu symptoms but also a 10 day prophylactic course if a member of their family (living under the same roof) is given Tamiflu.



I shot myself in foot here didn't I lol? Or spoke to soon, whatever, I am now on Tamiflu, and feeling rather horrid....


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