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Does anyone know what I.G.E. levels are?

HI all,

just got back from my Chest clinic appointment, and had my I.G.E. levels checked.

I know that they are allergy related but not 100% sure of all the facts.

I was told the normal is around 80 and it can be upto around 600 to be suitable for the new allegy injection but mine was a bit higher then that at 23,000 !

can you do anything to reduce it?

take care


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Hi Pete,

I am afraid I know sod all about I.G.E levels (despite been a nurse)

Ways of reducing it, I guess you could try beg borrow or aquire the hamster ball type thing that was on the piriton ad over the summer. According to the research below having a good snog can help as well (but you have to keep it going for half an hour)



Hi Pete,

there are several types of Ig - immunoglobulin - in the body. IgE is the one which is secreted in allergicky people. They are proteins which are involved in protecting the body from infection, and IgE in a 'normal' non-allergicky person would be raised in the context of a parasite or worm infection (ew).

IgE is raised in us allergicky folks cos we think the things we are allergic to are infectious nasty things.

That is very oversimplified, but will at least give you some idea



Owl can a very low IGE suggest anything??I ask as i have a reading of 2 on my IGE, but i suffer from chronic sinusitis, post nasal drip. Had the prick tests but they didnt really show anything.Just wondering?



i just had my blood taken for total ige today whatever that means so it is an interesting question i know that if they are high then you are allergic but that is all


sometimes people can have allergic symptoms and a normal IgE - I do! prof who looks after me says that one of the other immunoglobulis - IgG2 - can be high in these people. it isnt tested for by the rast test and people like me won't be helped by xolair.


Owl that is really reassuring!! Thank you! which proff are you under? I am sick of not having any answers all the DRs i have seen at my hospital all say they can see how ill i get but dont have any explanation as too why. This makes it really hard to have a sensible line of treatment.

Thank you



hi louise i see prof ayres - he used to be at heartlands but is now in aberdeen. it is frustrating when they have no answers isn't it.




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