PEAK Flow chart (for windows mobile?) / Piko 1 software

HI all,

I have a PIKO-1 one and last year I got the cradle and software to download the results to the pc, but due to hard drive failure I lost the software and cant find the original disk.

I dont really want to pay out another £50 for the software & a new crade. So does anyone know where I can download the software from.

Or does anyone know of a free program / excel spreadsheet that can be used on a windows mobile phone/pda



Rocket Man of PEAK

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  • Hi pete

    I don't know about the original software, but a version I use is worth a look, Not sure if it'll work on winmobile but it's just a download away. you have to enter the data manually, but the graphs are good, and my GP and Asthma Nurse like them.


  • found the italian site that has the download, but the only other one I can see is the UK division of nSpire Health send them an email and they may help.

  • thanks for your help, I will have a look at the links and software.


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