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kenalog injections

since my last admission i am being switched onto Kenalog injections whilst then being slowly weaned of pred.

What experiences do people have of these injections? So far i have found my mucnhies to be worse and it has also mucked my periods up as normally im regular but have had light bleeding for 2 weeks instead (could this also be down to all the meds i had when ventilated?)

i would be interested in hearing peoples views and experiences please

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Hi Hops

I have just had a course of 3 kenalog injections at 80mg every 5 weeks at wythenshawe hospital. I think my con there was trying to see if I was steroid resistant as he did a sputum sample before and I have to do another one in a few weeks. Depending on result I might continue them. While on them I have noticed horrible stretch mars appear across my hips but I have also managed to stop pred for first time in over a year and have lost a bit of weight without actually trying to.

steph xx



I also had Kenalog injections at Wythenshawe hospital. I had 3 injections over a couple of months and I found I had problems with my periods too - they lasted a couple of weeks and were really heavy - but I am still not certain if they are connected as I asked my cons and he said he didn't think they may be connected.

I found they worked well for me, and managed to get quite a while after them without pred - which was great (while it lasted!).

Take care and I hope they work as well for you,

Sarah x


Have had kenalog injections for hayfever for the past 20 years with no ill effects. Have been able to manage okay without this year. Must be the crap weather. Hope your okay. Susan


Kenalog Injections

Hi, I also go to wythenshaw hospital and my consultant has put me onto Kenalog. I have been having these injections every 5 - 6 weeks and i believe that they maybe helping me. I have been able to reduce my pred and did get off them but after a bad bout and being in I take around 20mg now. I have lost weight which is a great thing also!!!!! They only down side is that a get a bump or indentation where they inject me (in the backside) but no one sees it!!!!!!

Do you think the Kenalog injections are helping you???

All the best and good luck. Maybe i'll see you at wyth sometime??



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