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asthma and diabetes

After my recent stay (i escaped on sat) I have now been diagnosed with diabetes on top of the brittle asthma! When i arrived in resus i had a bm of 26.4 and to be quite honest i felt lousy but had put this down to the attack.

I have now been put on insulin just to add to the long list of meds and am doing bm's x4 day!! What i would like to know is does the diabetes affect the asthma and vica versa????

I had an idea that i was diabetic but was waiting for my gp to refer me for a glucose tolerance test but now i have a confirmed diagnosis its kind of hit my quite hard . It doesnt help that i have also just found out im MRSA + too.

Also im after as many tips and hints as i can possibly have to help accept and now live and control these 2 conditions together !!

Many thanks in advance

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Am i alone in this guys?


Glad you're out of hosp.

I have both Diabetes & Asthma & haven't noticed them affecting each other.

Let us know if you notice otherwise!



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