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Icthyosis vulgaris


does anyone know about or have any experience with icthyosis(sp??!!)

My son Patrick (8) has just been dianosed with this after a long battle with what we thought was severe excema.

His skin splits in some places very easily and its literally like fish scales on his arms and legs, neck and sometimes on his face and back. We now have to cream him 3 times a day when its very bad as well has soaks in goo in the bath , shampoos and cream to remove the thick scales. Not a great deal of fun for an active 8 yr old. he also has problems in that he he doesnt sweat easily and does get vey hot- he wears shorts still even in wnter to stay cool!

I know whats he going through is very much like severe excema and i was wondering if anyone had any advoce or coping tricks- needless to say we have regular battles when it comes to creaming!!

Thanks in advance

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hi. sorry your son is going through it, i've had eczema for years (at times was hospitalised) and you may find the National Eczema Society very helpful (dont know their website offhand) but sure they'll have some info on iv.

good luck



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