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ITU and psychologists

After my recent stay in both ITU and HDU i was visited by a psychologist who said that she was available to chat to about my expereinces in there and that i was to have an op appt with her 2 weeks post discharge.

Im not sure what im supposed to talk to her about as i only have memories of my last day in ITU and of my time in hdu neither of whichare causing problems. The one problem i do have is how other people are now treating me- with kid gloves any ideas how i van put an end to that??!!

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Hi Kirsten,

I think sometimes people that have been in ITU get flashbacks and have vivid dreams about what went on etc and talking about them helps.

Perhaps you are lucky that you don't remember anything but still have a chat - you are lucky to be refered - some people don't have the opportunity and have issues for months after.

Em H & perhaps KDS may be able to explain more.

Kid gloves - try to explain that you are in control, even if you are feeling naff, and that you will ask for help when needed. But take care and don't over do things - prove to them that you can manage - and change the gloves to hedgehog gloves!

Anyway, hope you are feeling better & take care




I recently spent 8 weeks in ITU due to major respiratory problems, and I was conscious for the large majority of that time: I now sometimes suffer those flashbacks and memories and vivid dreams, and sometimes I end up crying myself to sleep, and even some certain sounds remind me of my time on ITU...I was never offered psychological help, so even if you don't need it now, you may in the future, and may be a worthwhile thing to hold on to!

Emz x


I knwo im lucky to get the chance and i will take it and make the most.

Kate- will take your suggestions on board and act on them -thanks .i like the term hedgehog gloves very good.


Make the most of this service available as like you said very rare, alot reseearch is usa based of how effective a follow up treatment from itu is? even if just an understanding itu liason nurse to talk to helps believe me. Dont expect anything then you wont be disappointed, you will be suprised when go how easy things flow to ask, they will lead the way and like said you just talk.

Good luck

Andrea xxx


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