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I am interested if anyone has tried various therapies such as reflexology, reiki,aromatherapy, to help with either their asthma or other health problems.

I have been told that i am not a suitable candidate for reflexology by a qualified practioner which is disappointing. I have had reiki although it did nothing for my asthma i did find i was able to relax more easily and that i felt more acceptig of my state of health.

What have other peoples experiences been?

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Hi kirsten, I had reiki a few times about 3 yrs ago, before my asthma was bad. It was a very odd experiance, and was really sick after the first few times. Something to do with toxins leaving the body. I have to say it was one of the most relaxing, but strangest experiances. I am not sure i would try it now though, as the feeling it gave me was so odd. I have acupunture at the moment for my back and that was strange, like i was floating, might give it a go for my asthma but am a bit cautious about anything that unsettles the body, incase it sets of asthma. Only thing with acupunture is having to lie down, i do it propped up on my side. It was the most relaxed i have felt in a long while though.


Kirsten I too am interested in complementary therapies at the moment. I just feel like drug after drug gets added to the med list but asthma doesn't get better. I have never tried any complementary therapies but would be really interested to folow this thread and hear any success from you.

Good luck

Em x



I have always used complementary therapies and only resorted to prescription drugs and inhalers when my asthma got so bad I had to be hospitalised, but then started seeing a homeopath straight away for regular treatment (last June). Using alternative healing as a way of life, I realise that illnesses have not just physical but also emotional causes and most therapies work on the principle that an illness is emotional before it finally becomes physical. For me personally, anxiety and stress had been a problem for some two years before the asthma decided to come out and now I know I have to stay calmer and more positive or it will bring on an attack if I get anxious.

I have used aromatherapy for years and there are some good essential oils that you can burn or put in the bath for respiratory problems, Frankincense works well with me in a burner in the bedroom, and also Cedar and Camomile. If you're interested in using aromatherapy, I would recommend you see a qualified aromatherapist who can tailor the oils to work with the meds you are on, as some oils could be harmful used in the bath if they clash with your meds. Burning them still gives good healing properties and is safe.

Also have been having massage/healing, which helps to clear the lungs and definitely aids relaxation and calmness.

The homeopathy has worked on many different levels to help uncover underlying emotional reasons for the illness; also has helped me change my lifestyle and diet to a healthier allergen-free wholefood diet, though it takes time to work on these subtle levels. Some 8 months after starting with it, I am finally almost of Pred and not breathless at all, even after doing some spring cleaning.

Sorry this is so long, but also wanted to recommend whatever therapy feels right for you - whether its acupuncture, aromatherapy massage, homeopathy, herbalism or many many more, if it 'feels' right then explore it through a session with a qualified professional. Any one worth their salt will give concessionary rates to people on benefits or low waged and I personally think its been worth the investment for me.

The 'sickness' that is experienced after healing or massage is known as a 'healing crisis' and is toxins leaving the body, which can make you feel really awful for a while, even making the symptoms of the illness appear worse than before. Drinking lots of water to help flush the toxins out and eating organically and wholefoods will help the body recover and find new strength; there are some good diets around for asthmatics which include lots of vitamin-full foods and avoiding food which can trigger symptoms.

Would be nice to hear how you get on.



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