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tickly cough leading to an attack

In the past 6 weeks or so i have had a major issue with an irritating tickly cough leading me to cough so much its triggers an attack- 1 of which lead to a 6 day admission. I have tried all the usual over the counter remedies that are allowed non of which are helping. I'm currently on my maximum level of meds that i am allowed to be on at home and am really getting frustrated .

My GP wants me in and my Cons sent me home so im stuck between a rock and a hard place and my usual angel(my community matron)is on leave all this week.

Has anyone any suggestions /tip/ suugestions

thanks from one frustrated hopsxxx

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Hi Hops,

Know this sounds a bit lightweight but sometimes sipping a mug of plain hot water helps (cooled slightly after boiling from the kettle). Not sure otherwise as I sometimes get a tickly cough before an attack which I assumed was part of the attack itself.

Not sure if that's at all helpful though,



Could be that you have Vocal Cord Dysfuntion its common in asthmatics. And dosnt respond to Asthma medication.

Have a look at


Hot Jelly (and no it doesnt set in your stomach!)

Get jelly cubes put in hot water, dissolve and then drink before it goes cold.

Is it a reflux? I get a cough when i hvae been lying down this is a reflux and i cough and cough and cough and choke till it triggers an asthma attack. Guzzel gaviscon liquid as well as a few puffs of reliever (not sure on your format) You cannot over dose on gaviscon. Not that is always helps but it is what i try my respiratory nurse suggeted it to me months back.


Spoonful of honey is quite good, Jelly Babies.

I found lung function tests the other week triggered a tickly cough and gave rubbithy results.

Sipping hot blackcurrant is another way to sooth!

Plumie, yes you can OD on Gaviscon! It can have some undesireable effects! Read the bottle!


Thanks for your replies unfortunately im diabetic so any sugary stuff is a no no

Bizkid -i have been checked for vocal cord dysfunction- and dont have it.

PLumie- not reflux as been tested and am clear there too -have upped my lanzoprazole to see if it helped -no difference

Have been trying hot water with pure lemon and thats not doing much either so am rather frustrated

Am currently nebbing 5mg salbutamol 3 hrly and atrovent 4 hrlyas well as bucket loads of other meds.

THanks for all comments sorry to say no to it all!


Hops, if you are nebbing atrovent 4 hourly that will dry your thoat up, it is a swine for drying you up. Unless there is good reason atrovent 6 hourly is the standard dose can you talk to your ANS and see if you can reduce to 6 hourly.




Bex - finally manged to get con to ring me back and am not allowed to reduce atrovent :( he didnt seem to think it was the cause as was coughing like this prior to dose being upped - i did question him as to why i wasn't on standard 6 hrly and basically was told there isn't alot else i can have so its a case of maximising what i can have!!! great - not !! Have been told to drink more to soothe throat so will have to live upstairs for loo trips!!!

Hes now talking about iv hydro at home but nothing can be done til mon when my C M is back in town unless i get admitted before then :(

Ho hum just plod on and what ever happens happens!!!

Hope u are enjoying yr break


Still plodding on with no change and getting increasing frustrated as sleep is getting more disrupted now and i need sleep!!!! Am fed up with hot drinks and cough linctus that doesnt really do anything except for raise my sugars.

I did try reducing atrovent just to see if it reduced the cough but it just made things worse so at least i know im not taking it for nothing!! really want to feel a bit better when i go in next week to have my ICD fitted.

Sorry rant over i m off to have another hot lemon !!!



have you tried simple linctus with hot water, i believe it is sugar free so wont raise your sugars, and i find does help the tickle,

good luck,

george xx


Hi George

Im doing something similar -cant have simple linctus due to colourings but am having covonia in warm water - it helps for about 30 mins then back to square 1!!! AAAAGGGHHHH!!!


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