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out of control hayfever

At the moment i am having major problems with the pollen ,and cant seem to control my symptoms despite being on a range of meds. I currently use desloratidine, piriton, opticrom and saline nose spray specifically for hayfever, but despite these meds as well as my usual asthma meds things are not controlled. I take all the precautions that are advised to minimize issues, windows shut, vaseline up nose, sunglasses, not going out , an air filter in bedroom etc etc. Im now at my wits end and am well aware that im very close to admission level with my asthma because of the pollen also.

Over the yrs i have tried all of the antihistamines and found that what im one is the best for me. and i cant tolerate steroid nasal sprays.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions apart from going to live on an ice cap??!!!

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Hi Hops,

Sorry to hear that you're suffering so much. I'm having similar problems, despite being on a similar combination of meds.

I find nasal steroids quite helpful - I wonder if you have tried all of them? I used to have difficulties tolerating Beconase - it made me sneeze and caused a couple of nose bleeds - but can tolerate Flixonase without any problems.

I can't recall if you've tried a leukotriene antagonist - montelukast (Singulair) or zafirlukast (Accolate)? These are now licensed for allergic rhinitis as well as asthma. I find that montelukast doesn't make much difference directly to my asthma, but does help my hayfever symptoms.

Ancedotally, changing antihistamines can sometimes make a difference, although there is no hard and fast evidence that one is better than the other or that tolerance develops. I do know some people who have found it helpful to swap if they have been on one for a while. Personally, I stick to a combination of ceterizine and the old fashioned sedating antihistamine hydroxyzine at night, and I haven't found that changing has helped.

Immunotherapy is an avenue you might want to think about. This involves giving a tiny amount of the allergen to allow the body to develop tolerance to it. It carries a risk of severe allergic reactions including anaphylaxis and most clinicians will not use subcutaneous injectible immunotherapy on people with severe or brittle asthma. There is a new sublingual (under the tongue) version - Grazax. This is specifically for grass pollen allergy and will not help with other pollen allergies. There are currently no NICE recommendations for its use, so getting funding can be difficult.

Since this is causing you so many problems and impacting on your asthma control, you might want to ask if it's worth referring you to a specialist immunology consultant to see if they have any more ideas.

Sorry I can't be of more use, I hope things settle a bit soon.

Em H


Hi Em H

Sorry to hear you are also having the same probs.

I am taking montelukast and have done for the last few yrs. I have also tried rhinocort nasal spray,and flixonase as well as nasules(cant remember which ones) but all seem to give me severe and persistent nosebleeds. I tried last year to change my main antihistamine which frustratingly caused more problem. I was told at RBH that i cant have the immunotherapy as I am too allergic to grass and was given the impression that went for the Grazax too.

I think im just going to invest in a goldfish bowl and wear it out!!! lol


Em & Kirsten, sorry your having problems with the pollen - tis the grass season!

My hayfever and asthma was fine in Italy despite the fact there was a lot of hay meadows around. Zac & Anna , however wer obviously sensitized to the pollen and sneezing their little noses off. ( Well Zac was playing with a grass flower and watching the pollen puff off it - Anna said it was smoking! LOL)

I take Cetirizine all the time and top up with Piriton at night if needed, though my GP said it isn't a good idea to take two types of anti hissy at a time.

Any ideas why?

My nose is a bit sneezy today!


Have you tried Sterimar - it is a sea water nasal spray I am not sure if you can get it on prescription but you can certainly buy it over the counter. The Brompton recommended it and it does work a little.


Am sure your already doing this but are you tumble drying and drying clothes inside not outside on a line too?

Nasonex seems to work best for me with the old sodium cromoglycate eyedrops and antihistamines.

I take top up piriton if needed too Kate have both on prescription and although i'm sure is prob a bad idea nobody has ever queried it.

Has anyone tried the unproven alternatives like spoonful of local honey or increased vit C??


I have cetirizine 10mg 3 times a day ( as prescribed) as my hayfever is out of control atm. As my eyes are really really sore, I was wondering if I am able to buy over the counter eye drops and able to take these on top of the cetirizine tablets, does anyone know?

Take care

Sam x


Sam, you can buy sodium cromoglicate eye drops over the counter and these can be used with ceterizine; I find them very effective (usually!) for the sore itchy eyes. If you are having real problems, though, it might be worth mentioning it to your GP, because there are other remedies that can help that aren't available over the counter.

Hope this helps



Its first cut of grass both by farmers and highways agency. Due heavy rain not that long ago everyone is cutting ""en masse"" and it is that cut which sets the grass pollen flying. hang on in there give it a week or 2 the 1st cuts will be over and the pollen is significantly less for 2nd and 3rd cuts. Also people are getting there 1s lawn cut in for a while, oddly enough the weekly grass cutting is good it does not allow the grass to form pollens but when get a break with warm damp ground the grass goes mad and have a chance to ""make pollens


Hayfever, asthma etc etc

Hi all,

Just to throw my hat in the arena...

The hayfever makes my asthma go absolutely haywire! Some of you may know I have had probs since Oct last year big time - just about settled and now we're full on into the Hayfever season...

I was told at the time of this thread starting that give it two weeks and all should be improved...

Not so- am now on my second 10 day bout of steroids in 6 weeks... am close to being admitted as can't seem to get my levels to pick up at all (am at best hovering at 50% which considering I was at 75% more reguarly isn't great)

Anyway - I was told that its a good idea to begin taking the antihistamines before the season starts (too late if didn't - but I did!) I also recommend singulair - def got rid of/dampened some reactions! Try the old antihistamines... Nasonex can also help...

Trick is to keep using it all to stop getting out of cotnrol - she says - looking at self in mirror thinking will I make it to kitchen for a cup of tea or merely start of another falling domino scenario...

Hope you do feel better now - many friends DO now that mowing has stopped and rapeseed has been harvested...


Can anyone give me hay fever survival tips - i am on eye drops, citerazine, actrivistine, a nasel spray and i also take singlair and the past few days my hay fever has got worse than ever and i've had to book to see asthma nurse as can feel it coming on - i do eetrything i should - windows closed, dry clothes inside etc etc but no luck!!




Bumping this thread up


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