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general anaethsetic/venttilation

Just a quickie-

Although i have now been vented a number of time im not sure what the Drs use in the way of meds.

Im currently filling a pre- op assessment form as I need more surgery on my hip and it asks me when my last general was. Does being ventilated equate to general or less? Same meds or different?

Sorry if this is a silly question but o have no memory of any of the ventilations.

Thanks in advance.

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hi hopalongkp

Ya being ventilated is still the same your tubed muscle relaxtants are used so your breathing can be taken over and sadation so you dont wake up.

on me they usually use ketamine,suxamethonium ?sp,and propafol ..

having a gemeral for surgery you are completley sadated and they reverse it after they have fin.

When ventilated for medical reasons some times its only light sadation so you can still obay commands that they ask you to do but not be aware of it after.

and they tend to wake you gradually..

hope this helps !!

Can they not do your surgery under an epidural?

take care hope all goes well

roxy xx


Thanks Roxy,

I thought it was the same and those drug names all ring a very loud bell!!

I have never been lightly sedated - am always totally out according to Hubby!!

Have filled in form to say last GA was in April which was last vent but they can always ask more at appt!


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