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diabetic hypo awareness

I thought i would ask this here as i know there are a number of diabetic asthmatics lurking here on this board!!!

I'm type 1 on insulin and reasonably well controlled - recently i have had quite a few hypos and not realised until i tested normally pre meal or first thing in morning. My bm has gone down to 3.1 and i didnt feel anything at all but as soon as it hits less than 3 then its a mega hit with nausea, shaking dizziness etc.

I was wondering if anyone knew how i could increase my awareness so that i get some earlier warning- any ideas folks as the dr i saw today was useless!!!

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hope you feeling better and no more hypos. If im having probs with my asthma and feeling abit grotty then i have missed the early warning signs of low blood sugar. So now if my asthmas playing up i do my bms more frequently. Might be worth talking to your diabetes nurse as know that some people do loose hypo awareness. Which can be reversed by running your sugars abit higher for a week or two. But you would need medical advise as it would mean changing your insulin dose.

All the best



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