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muscle pain?

For the last 2 days i have been experiencing pain on the top right hand side of my chest worse when i lean forward - my asthma isnt any worse and im not expereincing any other new cardiac or resp symptoms.

was wondering if anyone else had expereinced this and what their cause was?

Please notrwe im not asking for any medical diagnosis and if the pain worsens i will go to A+E but am planning to see gp tomoz if no better.

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For me it's a sign (looking back - I'm not very good at making the connection at the time) that things are just beginning to deteriorate and I'm having to make more effort to breath. I had this start a few weeks ago then after a nasty attack at the weekend I've been left with very sore muscles having over used some type of muscle I can't remember the name of to try and breath when my stroppy lungs couldn't be bothered.


muscle pain

yes i get that sometimes i think its straning to breath and coughing that strains the muscle,i had it last night but im fine again today but my asthma is ok so far today.


spoke to GP and also physio and he confirmed a pulled muscle due to severe episodes of coughing which was my main thought but did have a niggling worry due to my cardiac history.its alot better now thankfully


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