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Pred and surgery

Am having probs with ortho cons giving me a date for hip op. One reason stated was that im on unusally high doses of pred-40mg. He said he wants me to be seen by a medical cons b4 agreeing to doing the op.even though im not having a general. Also have to see a haemotologist as well due to past DVT and PEs that they found no cause for.

What experiences have other people had in regards to pred and surgery?

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Kirsten they refused to do my op when i was on pred. It is because it amkes it more likely for bleeding to occur and harder to stop when you do start bleeding. I was also having a spinal not a general they said they wouldnt risk a general with my chest unless it was an emergency. Ortho ops are reknown for being bleeders they are some options if they are worried you will bleed too much you can ask for a cell saver to be used. E-mail me if you need any other help!!!!


I had my c section on 40 mg pred which obviously couldn't be avoided and my wisdom teeth out which couldn't be done as a day case as with most people. I know it caused problems with my blood pressure and had to have extra hydrocortisone in theatre . I was told that normally they try to get you on as low dose pred as possible before and then give more during surgery and after but the anesthetists were quite reluctant to knock me out and was told the risks of complications were higher.


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