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anaemia and related probs

I have just returned from seeing my gp.For the past 2 weeks i have been feeling progressively worse, with breathlessness (not wheezy or tight)excrement tiredness and lack of energy,palpitations and in even more increased heart rate.

He looked at my most recent bloods and compared them with previous and it seems that over the last month my iron level seems to be dropping and my ferritin level is very low.

he asked me about if i had been bleeding anywhere i shouldn't - i haven't and my periods have been quite light recently plus im also taking a good quality multivitamin and iron so am at a loss as to whats happening.

He has put me on ferrous fumerate but also said that if i feel any worse in any way or form i must go to A+ E . does anyone know why as this has got hubby worried d(spose im a bit more of a whatever kind of mode!!) Surely it cant be that much of a problem?

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hiya ive recently been rediagnosed wit iron deficiency anaemia but never hav had a regular menstrual cycle. I used to take iron sulphate but the made me feel quite unwell so gone ova to same as u only they only do liquid form in hospital-and its vile! I no gettin it down wil help the breathlessness but it has very very bad taste!

Get ur gp to check ur levels every few wks c if u still need supplementation! Its quite a common thing if u hav a chronic health condition too.


I take ferrous fumarate as Fersamal liquid and is is foul! Though not as bad as being constipated!

Hops, I think they may want to rule out any bleeding that may be hidden but please don't worry too much.

What were your levels? Mine have been 9 in the past where as they should be above 12, I think! Asthma and pred can much around and having less haemaglobin etc does not help with the breathlessness.

Also, be aware of taking two iron products!! eg the ferous fumarate AND the multivits! Iron overdose can be serious too!

Please take care




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