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bad nights

For the last 2 weeks my asthma has been different to normal- im coping fine on 4 hrly nebs during the day but come about 8pm i go down hill and things are pants all night nebbing 2 hrly only starting to improve by about 9-10 am.As you can imagine this is leaving me very tired - not good when got kids at home!!!

I saw my GP and we ruled out infection, diet and environment so am stuck as to why this is happening does anyone have any ideas /suggestions? I'm hoping my resp con will get in touch tomoz but he has been on leave for the last 3 weeks and all his SHO suggested was for me to be admitted which i declined.

Thanks in advance.

PS - according to my protocol i am allowed to neb 2 hrly providing GP or con is aware.

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Have hit a wall - Con basically said he cant think of anything else he can add:( aaaaggghhhhhh

he doesnt want me to come in atm unless essential as there are quite alot of pts with chest infecs -im so tired an frustrated -. Con also feels that my depression is probably making sleep more elusive thus aggravating the chest but im still waiting for appt with specialist psych and have been told in 15th on the list!!!!

permission to scream please!!!


Permission more than granted!!

I also struggle more with nights, someone did once tell me that its because ur relax when ur asleep as ur not concentrating on breathing, so your lungs get worse during the night... duno how true that is.

I hope your feeling much better very soon, and go in if u need to, be v careful.

lots of hug and nebs

ally x


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