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pulse oximeter/sats monitor

Since my last admission i have had problems with my sats being lower than a)im used to and b) becoming problematic(v tird, legarthic headachy short of breath etc).

It has been reccommended by my GP that I buy my own monitor -does anyone have one they could reccommend and or where did they buy it from ?

I really cant afford to pay alot but i want to get 1 that is going to last, be accurate.

any suggestions please - thanks in advance

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could take a look at this,




I've used the first two companies, but not for pulse oxyimeters.


Thanks Woody for the links i have had a look and seen some possibilities am hoping that i might some recommendations from the board as to a good make.


I have one of these first before you buy one check to see if you consulltant thinks this a good plan as the hospital maybe able to help. Get a letter from your GP to take to your next appointment, they may suggest 24 our oximitry which is much more useful as it tells them if you need as home O2. \Home oxygen needs to be initiated by a consultant, who will then either pass it on to the GP to order or in some cases set inital order themelves. As for a copy of your home oxygen form (HOOF) so if there are any errors you can pick them up and get them sorted. It is easy to become obsessed with numbers and you find you are constsantly checking them. Mine is used by my kids when I am in an attack to try to ""prove"" to me I need extra help it can also work the other way somd people don't drop their SAT's until the very last minute. If you have a chronic lung problem you really need to speak to your consultsant if you GP thinks you need home O2.

Take care Hops and good luck




I ahve a home sats probe. My con suggested it and oragnised a hospital one for me to ahve. So I would ask con about it and see what they say as they maybe able to get one through the hospital for you.




Hey hopalongkp, definitely worth taking a look at Dorset Nursing Supplies - dorset-nursing.co.uk/.

Seems like they have a good selection of pulse oximeter:


Really hope you're symptoms have eased since posting - or that this helps.



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