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Salbutamol tablets

hi :)

When i went to see my consultant recently, he suggested I take Salbutamol tablets in addition to my current medication including home nebulised salbutamol and ipratropium bromide.I used to take salbutamol tablets when i was little but i cant remember whether they helped or not! So I was wondering whether anyone here takes it and whether it has made any improvement to them.

thank you. :)

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I tried them once simi, but they caused me to have terrible ""shakes"", so I stopped them again quite quickly.




Hi Simi,

I took bambuterol tablets a few years back, which are also a beta agonist. As far as I can recall they did reduce my neb use a little but the side effects were worse than the nebs! I have heard a small number of people say that they work well for them, but I think generally the evidence seems to suggest that they are not useful for most people. Everyone's different, though, and anything's worth a try!

Good luck and take care

Em H


thank you both for your replies :)

i think i will discuss it with my consultant next time.

take care


prof suggested oral bambuterol for me when there were problems getting the subcut terbutaline, to see if they would tide me over, but managed to get a pump on loan from work so didn't need to try them


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