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delayed reaction/symptoms?

hi :)

I've always been a bit sensitive to grapes but sometimes eat them anyway as it tends to only result in mild symptoms, its usually accompanied by immediate itchyness and tinglyness, anyway i only had 1 on sunday and i got the usual immediate itchyness etc and a little wheezy but settled well after a neb and antihistamines. a couple of hours later I start having fairly severe asthma symptoms which were rather out of the blue as I had been fine, i did as my consultant etc have instructed in these circumstances and took a high dose of steroids and nebbed and eventually after a few hours my breathing became a little easier. So I was basically wondering if it was likely to be linked to the allergic reaction I'd had earlier in the day which seemed to have settled OK?

any replies appreciated. :)

simi xx

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Hi Simi

Sorry to here you were unwell. Allergic reactions are so horrid, usually i just get mild ones, but sometimes it's got more difficult and with hindsight should have got checked out / seeked some more medical help rather than just treat it at home / hope it improves.

I think allergy symptoms can return later on, I am not medically trained though, so best to get some advice. Perhaps ringing Asthma uk's nurses tomorrow or your Doc.

But, if it's taking a while for breathing to get better when using nebs / other meds, always better to be checked out and told u are ok rather than leaving it too long to get help and struggling. My local A&E has said that i ( or someone i am with) can ring to get advice if not sure if i should be coming in, but usually the answer is yes get it checked out, but at least they know i am on way and get seen quickly.

I hope you are feeling ok now, but never hesitant on getting some help if u think u need it :-)



Hi Simi, what you are describing is a second phase reaction where the initial symptoms dissapear but return 2-3 hours later often more severe than the initial reaction. This is known as a biphasic reaction in which respiratory symptoms are common. It may be worth mentioning it to your consultant as you may need an epi pen (if you don't already have one.) in case of repeat reactions.

Am glad your breathing is better now.

Take care


thank you for the advice and yep I will go to A&E if its not improving etc if that happens again.

edited to add: I have been treated with adrenaline IM/IV in addition to other treatment in the past for asthma attacks, but my consultant isn't sure how many of my attacks are clearly linked to anaphylaxis but thinks its quite likely I do have anaphylaxis as I have multiple allergies, high total IgE count etc.

thanks again :) xx


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