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how much prednisolone is too much?


I normally have a maximum dose of 40mg of prednisolone, sometimes I go up to 60mg depending on what my consultant thinks.

anyway, i've been at 40mg for nearly 2 weeks, and my consultant had asked me to come in do an exhaled nitric oxide test, unfortunately as I was tight chested I was not able to do it despite many attempts at doing so which really frustrated me. I just couldn't breathe out for long enough at a steady rate.

So my consultant said ideally he'd want to admit me but i have to come back on thursday and he has doubled my prednisolone to 80mg. I don't think I have ever had so much pred before and I'm a bit concerned about how much benefit I will realistically get from such a high dose (to me anyway)

any thoughts about this would be appreciated.

simi x

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Hi Simi.

I've been on 60mg and possibly 80mg in hospital (cant remember). If I'm ill now I go on 30-40mg and taper off gradually.

Is the 80mg just until tomorrow? I would have thought it would help - give you a good jolt I should think!! Anyway it's best to follow doctor's advice.

Let me know how u get on.

Good luck.



Hi simi

when i had a really bad attack i was put on that amount and i have heard of a patient being put on 100mg. They do not do it very often as it is not really recommended but if it is a consultant doing it then he is keeping a very close eye on you! Do not worry too much just trust your consultant!

If it gets you well again then be thankful. If it does not at least it has been tried.

Hope you start to get better soon! This weather is really causing loads of people problems.



I have had 60mg on the odd occasion.

I think a short 5 day course of a whacky high dose, then tailing off or dropping to a more sensible dose works for some people.

I would be concerned if it was 60mg for a couple of weeks or more.

I have been on 40mg for a few weeks at a time then tailed off.

I think if 80mg doesn't have an effect within a couple of days then other meds could be considered.

Some people are steroid resistant and just piling in the pred won't work.

Take care



I'm on 60mg and have been for 5 days, don't find pred makes much difference to me. My Son who is 10 starts on 60mg for 1st day then takes 50mg for as long as needed, doesn't work for him either!


thanks for the replies :)

I have just spoken to my resp nurse (as i couldnt make it into clinic this afternoon) and said that if i was happy to i could reduce down to 60mg and stay on it til my consultant's back on Monday and increase my nebs a bit but obviously if i feel worse come in asap. I asked her why so much and she said it was more of a precaution to make sure i didn't get any worse rather than any other reason.

thanks again :) x


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