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Can anyone help I was prescribed a Salbutamol Inhalation IP Ventorlin inhaler cfc free. Has this anything to do with the Ventalin blue.

I know that this can be bought on the internet but are they the same as I bought some as they feel different. I know i was desperate.

Any info would be great. Please note the spelling of the inhaler. Its different but made by the same company.

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hi teddy1.

best get them from your gp.the gp can keep

an eye on you and make sure you have the right inhaler.

hope that helps as not that sure on inhalers only what im taking myself of my doc.

love Glynis xxx


As we can't see the inhaler all the advice we can give is to take it to a chemist and get further advice and information. New inhalers must be cfc free within the eu. So some people Are noticing a change in the new inhalers with taste and propulsion of drug


Having never heard of 'Ventorlin' I did some research on the internet. Yes, Ventolin and Ventorlin are the same. Wikipedia says 'Salbutamol: It is marketed by GlaxoSmithKline as Ventolin, Aerolin or Ventorlin depending on the market..' There are internet sites selling these inhalers, but personally I would NEVER buy any prescription drugs online.


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